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Ke10, Supercharged 5K


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did you get that manifold custom cast? Nice looking job for sure, I suspect there is a pattern for it in existence somewhere?



I used an early pre pollution manifold and cut the centre section out, and when i bought the supercharger

it had the intake pipes connected so i cut the flange of. Got a bit of alloy pipe and cut it into a u shape and got my mate to weld it all together. He ported and sculpted the insides and hit the external with a needle scaler tool.

It come up magic, looks factory.

There is so many custom pieces that have to be made that i didnt even think off when i started but it was worth

the effort.

the gearbox went in on the weekend, sticking with the k50 for now and if it doesnt hold up i have a k-t cable

bellhousing put aside. don't know if the box will fit in the tunnel though. Ive modified the gearbox crossmember too

so the exhaust can run below it. I will get some more pics up soon.

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here are some more pics



Carby is a 32/36 weber and sit just out of the bonnet, notice all side trim removed and

a different style for the indicators


carby adapter





gearbo crossmember uses the hump from an xc falcon v8


Still lots to go but it gets a little closer to road going every week :dance:


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looks way bigger than sc12 or sc14


I'm thinking eaton m90 or whatever they use on the v6 mazda millenias (eunos 800) the screw types?


After looking at some pics, I would say it is an SC14.


Edit: Pic...



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