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Roddicks 5Sgte St162

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got it today



and after work got it together





also picked up the needed item for racing for free



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so the video is of the one and only day i took it to symmons.


well it also died that day and more ways than one, ive gone back to my old ways from the very begining of doing bearings in the bloody thing

so no.1big end bearing was missing
no.2 big end was squashed
no.3 big end was fine
and no.4 big end was squashed

we have come to the concluson of it starving of oil but from the catch can breather not working properly and not allowing the engine to breath therfor it was actually holding most of the oil in the head. also because the oil was a little too thick for the engine so i found out. but because it wasnt allowing the oil to go down to the sump it starved its self a few times.






this is no.2 big end


well what you can see of it



this is no.3 you can only just see really that there is no distortion in the bearing at all

this is no.1 as you can see there is no bearing left. but you can also see the colour change in the rod halfway up from the brownish gold to the black because of how hot its gotten

some good shit turned up to build my good motor with




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That is a tidy looking manifold.


Don't write the blow up off as an oil issue, how is the tune going? If it is detonating it will knock out the big ends just as it has.

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hey guys its been some time since ive been on, and even since then not much has happened lol.


ok so my new engine hasnt been started yet. only because I'm lazy and havent taken it to the machine shop for boring.


so because I'm lazy i have complete gear just to build another basic engine again as I'm sick of it not moving anywere. the the standard build is on the go, but ive also got other things on the go like a wing and I'm about to organise a front diffusers, and another thing is I'm converting my power stearing rack into a manual rack. simply because its in a shit spot, i can't get to the pump if i need to.


these are whats on the go











so this gt wing i picked up for doing some work for a mate of mine so it was cheap and an easy option for rear downforce now front downforce I'm going to have to do some modifying to and old front bar of my father inlaws crashed sports sedan, as he has a mould i could keep making some



ok so the front bar off this is it, yes there is modifying to do, and i know that but its something to work off.


next is the power stearing, i think i saw it on here so i started to do it













so this is the shaft on the main pinion that i need to wield up so that its strengthened, as not being assisted with fluid it will be heavier and possibly brake under stress.


so this is my progress so far


Cheers Sean

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mind you this isnt the good motor ive built, thats at my father inlaws workshop. this is just a motor i put together with stock internals so i can get the car working again

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