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Name: Vladimir


Car: 1981 AE70 Sedan


Motor & Driveline: 2JZ-GTE Boost up 1.2 bar

R154+Exedy ceramic clutch disk


Suspension & Brakes:

Front supspension Silvia S13, brake Cedric Y32

Rear axle HiAce KZH100


Wheels & Tyres:

Front CenterLine wheels7j r15 et15

Rear ORW wheels r15 8j et-19 tyres 195/50 r15


Body: Stock with fenders






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John W.



1983 Ke70


Motor & Driveline:

K50 Box, Stock Diff, 2 inch Exhaust, Hurricane Headers Extractors, 2x DCOE 40 sidedraft, Tighe 104 (270 degree), Shaved Head 10.1:1 compression


Suspension & Brakes:

Nothing much, cept Slotted Rotors, Plan: to lower car with 'low' King Springs (30mm lower), AJPS Adjustable Panhard Rod, Whiteline 18mm Rear Sway Bar, SuperPro Trailing Arm, Panhard Rod, LCA's (Lower Control Arms) and Sway Bar Bushes.



Steelies painted Black with Chrome nuts, cap and ring, Plan: for Performance Superlites 15x6 +24, Or 15x7 +12



Replaced cracked Dash, Retrimed Drivers door (was torn), And Vinyl sprayed to satin tan,



Fixed rust (properly) while mates were at schoolies, Repainted (From Golden Wattle to Lemon Yellow) On Christmas Day 2012 (Best self present ever)



Tow bar, Roof Racks (removed*) My daily since I fixed it up, runs a dream, Wouldn't change for anything, Gets me from home to uni and back

Sucked it was on dad's name till last year, but all mine now.












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Gretar Karlsson



Toyota Corolla KE70



Motor & Driveline:

2jz with borg warner s360 @1.5bar

BMW zf 6 speed gearbox, custom flywheel and clutch

Hilux rear diff with 3.58 gears welded


Suspension & Brakes:

S13 suspension, brakes and modified knuckles up front with custom made control arms

Hilux front discs at the rear modified to fit with vw rear brake calipers

Hydraulic handbrake with front s13 calipers at the rear, works great.



15x8 up front with 195-45/15 hankook

15x10 with whatever tyres I have at the moment



Full roll cage

Sparco bucket seats, 6 pt harness

original dashboard, everything else stripped

Custom made shifter assembly

Custom made hydraulic handbrake to match the shifter



Wide fenders

custom hood scoop


Build thread:







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Name: Mitchell


Car: 1982 Toyota Corolla KE70


Motor & Driveline: stock 4k-c auto, soon to be manual 4speed


Suspension & Brakes: stock


Wheels & Tyres: stock


Interior: Vinyl Back seats, Front Cotton ripped so got sheep skin covers on them


Body: got a lot of rust in the boot, and doors, swapped the front doors to AE71 doors, I think they look way better.



I got the car because it was cheep and they are easy to fix. also my Mum, Dad and Grandma, had one each all at the sametime back in the 80's, so I grew up hearing about the cars. My Mum and Grandma, both had KE70 sedans

and they were the light blue colour ones. They both got them the same day from the same dealership and the number plates were different by one number so my mum got the door rubber gards so they could tell them apart.

My dad had the AE71 Wagon, and he told me just the other day, (these are his words not mine) "The 5speed wagons flew, I was once going on a camping trip with your Mum, going up to Queensland, and I was going down a mountian,

and there was not a single soul on the road, so I just floored it. I got pulled over doing 170 kph, and the cop said I'm not gonna give you a ticket cause no one is gonna believe me that you were going 170. I got off with a warning." XD

I'm upgrading the transmission to the t-40 4 speed manual, the auto still works, but slow, the engine it self is overrated, the car is also in half good nick, lots of rust but nothing that can't be cut out or rust converter put on it.

The car was owned buy a nun and a co-worker of the nun, only driven on weekends to church, got it off an old lady. comes from South Australia, Adelaide, now in Victoria Melbourne.

needs a paint, the parts are all good, no dents, only rust holes, and their not visible, needs a good fix, I have a YouTube channel that I'm showing the build of it. starting to look good.











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Name: Taylor


Car: 1983 Toyota Corolla KE70 Wagon

Motor: 4k

Suspension & Brakes: stock

Wheels: MA61 ( buying new rims

recently bought this beauty and I'm quite happy with the condition because its quite clean especially the paint, and interior apart from a few nicks, also the air con works haha.. IMG_6337.thumb.JPG.ce72fbe70ccf195c0addb22824443815.JPG



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[B]Name[/B]: Gee

[B]Car[/B]:1982 KE70 GL

[B]Motor & Driveline[/B]: stock 4k, 5spd stock tranny and diff

[B]Suspension & Brakes[/B]: lowered coils, stock brakes.

[B]Wheels & Tyres[/B]: currently on 14" but 15x8x9 et20 waiting to be installed wrapped in 195/50/15

[B]Interior[/B]: stock

[B]Body[/B]: converted to DX looks, BMW headlights, small triangle rear window cover & rear windshield rain runner,  body all bone stock

[B]Other[/B]: upgraded the door lock cylinder to different lock and unusual key




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Name: Connor

Car: 1982 Ke70 Sedan

Motor & Drivline: 4kc - k50

Suspension and Brakes: Stock, 4x4 Height

Wheels and Tires: 15x7 meshies +-0 os (I think) & 195/50 15Rs

Interior: Stock, vintage lookin seat covers,  no a-pillars cause broken 🤨

Body: Straight as heck, generic boat/trailer mirror where car mirror should be, de badged


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