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Teds Project Ke70 ~ The Blue Car


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Here's a small introduction to what's resulted in countless hours, days, weeks, months, years of hard work, tears & dollars spent. 

The year is 2004, I acquired a Toyota Corolla from one of my friends, Nick. The vehicle had been stripped out with the engine bay painted, sitting beside a colossal pile of parts. 

Due to lack of time and a few others things, I acquired the old girl on her journey towards a better life. 

Its an Australian Delivered,  1982 KE70 Sedan owned previously by a Family from the south side of Brizzy. Maybe the 2nd owner? 3rd? who knows. 

The vehicle drove into the shed as presented below, eventually to end up getting a complete nut-and-bolt restoration. Well, we did use some of the old hardware.. but you get the point. 




More Pictures of Day 1 -> Click HERE <-

17th September 2005 was the official start date of ownership & spanner throwing on the old girl.  It's become an unofficial 2nd birthday !

Looking back at the project now and the 50+ pages of updates over the next 13 + years, Its turned into a digital diary of the ups, the downs, the successes and the failures. 

To all of the people that have looked at this over the years, I thank you for your continued support and hopefully i'll try to update this on a semi regular basis. 

It still gets driven, every day, as a daily driver - as originally intended all those years ago : )


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Thankyou Justin :) !

Full days worth of cleaning & sorting work. Tried to clean off most of the nasty glue & tried to get my head around the thousands of parts that'll eventually make their way back into this thing!

Pretty good feeling though... been looking forward to starting officially on this for a while now. 

Its also great working with a perfectionist ! =D

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