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All i can say is there is going to be a lot of late nights this week, and my credit card is going to take a thrashing!!

Yo twisted, could i steal the water pump pulley off you 4ac? If its the same as the 4ag one.


4ac isnt a rib belt set up like 4age but if you got fwd waterpump on yours i got couple fwd pulley laying around but if it rwd i don't have any of them pulley took me awhile to find mine

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so ken hows your car looking for feb? h1 rolla hows your looking? ive decide to join the race as pulled 4ac out yesterday and put the 4age in but need to sort all the fiddle bits


Meh, until I can get my door internals fitted and doors hung I'm sorta stuck. I'm not game to do it myself cos I don't wanna damage the paint.... That's where I'm at at the moment.

I'm going to send my bumpers and dash off to be repaired. I'll call the auto sparky tomorrow and book her in.


So possible but not probable.

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