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drift freak

Ke20 Rolling Shell W/Heaps Of Spares

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Just wanna put this up for sale. I was gunna build this Ke20 into a street car but have since lost interest due to other projects. The shell is in reasonably good condition apart from the drivers side strut tower where the bloke before me has attacked it for some unknown reason and a small amount of rust on the passenger side sill (will get a photo soon). Here are some photo's.



post-10705-040940900 1289300523_thumb.jpg

post-10705-004976900 1289300535_thumb.jpg

post-10705-087188600 1289300512_thumb.jpg

post-10705-051906300 1289300552_thumb.jpg

post-10705-043238600 1289300570_thumb.jpg

post-10705-019304300 1289300322_thumb.jpg

post-10705-098561000 1289300313_thumb.jpg

post-10705-017374700 1289300371_thumb.jpg

post-10705-095290800 1289300705_thumb.jpg

post-10705-055840500 1289300812_thumb.jpg

post-10705-019181300 1289300545_thumb.jpg

post-10705-016321600 1289300297_thumb.jpg

post-10705-096784100 1289300304_thumb.jpg

post-10705-084038700 1289300330_thumb.jpg

post-10705-050040200 1289300361_thumb.jpg

post-10705-089423100 1289300379_thumb.jpg

post-10705-004976900 1289300535_thumb.jpg

post-10705-063019600 1289300778_thumb.jpg

post-10705-021775800 1289300661_thumb.jpg

post-10705-025597600 1289300669_thumb.jpg

post-10705-053737600 1289300713_thumb.jpg

post-10705-095054400 1289300738_thumb.jpg

post-10705-076692700 1289300831_thumb.jpg

post-10705-019165800 1289300841_thumb.jpg

post-10705-009238500 1289300861_thumb.jpg


As you can see there is almost a complete car just there but theres more. I've still got another set of doors, guards, a good bonnet and heaps of bits and pieces. I'll get more photo's as I sort it all out.

I'd like $1500 ono for everything, this offer is open for 1 month from the 9/11/2010 and after that i'll be parting it all out at yet to be determined prices.

Please PM or comment here for any details as I'm on here all the time.


post-10705-083969300 1289300486_thumb.jpg

post-10705-047965400 1289300493_thumb.jpg

post-10705-005526000 1289300502_thumb.jpg

post-10705-092114600 1289300560_thumb.jpg

post-10705-023703200 1289300677_thumb.jpg

post-10705-063492000 1289300685_thumb.jpg

post-10705-051543000 1289300694_thumb.jpg

post-10705-069918200 1289300719_thumb.jpg

post-10705-077518500 1289300727_thumb.jpg

post-10705-033391700 1289300788_thumb.jpg

post-10705-020724900 1289300800_thumb.jpg

post-10705-088629500 1289300820_thumb.jpg

post-10705-071678700 1289300852_thumb.jpg

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Price drop $1000 firm. If it doesn't sell then i'm just gunna have to part it out. Just want it all gone. Also their is another set of doors and guards in reasonable condition.

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