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Ke10 For Sale 1968

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It now has 12 months rego ending on 1st april 2012


$12,500 o.n.o

it is driven almost everyday and runs well,


no rust and i have photos of car before resto if wanted.




This is a 1968 toyota corolla KE10 with original motor in it.....so it has not been bastardised or taken


away from its original look and feel.




there has been a lot of money spent on this car and DUE TO getting married and paying off a house i


can't afford to keep the car as much as it pains me to think about selling it.




this little rolla owes me a lot more money than what i am selling it for so if you are not genuinely


interested or not a enthusiast please don't waste my time!




all NEW work done to car was done in late 2010/early 2011






in very early 2011 the car got a great conditioned head that had been shimmed down and valves re-seated


with a new head gasket.


also has a brand new water pump, thermastat and radiator re-corred.


new battery






the interior seats and door skins are factory original and have only been vinyl sprayed but could easily


be stripped back to original black colour, the interior is in very good condition,




the roof lining is new (late 2010)in it along with new black carpet with fresh underlay.







there is also new underlay and new PROPER carpet layed. the dash has been resprayed to suit exterior


and has the original chrome strip just under lip of dash,




the original dash (crash pad) matt comes with the car, has been recovered by previous owner as the old


vinyl always perishes, can easily been recovered if you like that sort of thing.




the parcel shelf has been restored and has had some new 2 x 6" speakers put in it as well as some 5" x


7" in the front as the original factory ones have perished membranes from age. it has a fitted after market


headunit to run the new speakers.




it has lap seat belts and no belts in the back as standard from factory and this is legal.




car comes with 2 blank factory toyota keys.






the exterior painted in (late 2010) is british racing green and i have all the original chrome stripes down


side in great condition and have all the corolla and AMI badges for the quarter panels and also has a


brand new loong boot badge,(all now fitted which isnt shown in current photos, a lot fo this stuff is very hard to find if you don't already have this stuff. the


chrome is in v.good condition for its age and most has been polished and reset as well as in the seals.




the front and back windscreens have had new seals put in them as have all the windows and quarter


windows, the boot has also had a new boot seal put on it. the boot has also has a floor put in it dividing


the spare wheel well from the boot space to ensure things put in there are flat and stable,




there are also 4 x brand new mud flaps to suit bought from singapore. the car has a brand new external


telescopic radio arial (roof Mounted) but is not yet fitted.







changed the front struts to ke20 with the disk brakes.




The master cylinder has been re-sleeved and a new kit through it and the back drums also machined.




white wall tyres (perished a little as been in the garage)




brand new venetian blind white to match the interior.




Inside the boot is all painted and has the original tyre white walled




The engine bay has also been painted, looks very tidy and clean!




reconditioned master cylinder




the car has new engine mounts and front wheel left bearing kit. as well as new front brake lines and cyliders in the rear drums,




registration is BVN 48k in new south wales expiry 1/4/12



cheers for reading, comments and offers welcome!






0466626831(anytime, text or call) or email me on [email protected]

post-11937-056262200 1302063039_thumb.jpg

post-11937-022238700 1302063093_thumb.jpg

post-11937-034395200 1302063116_thumb.jpg

post-11937-034169000 1302063152_thumb.jpg

post-11937-000439200 1302063195_thumb.jpg

post-11937-076504700 1302063230_thumb.jpg

post-11937-036963800 1302063332_thumb.jpg

post-11937-034622700 1302063354_thumb.jpg

post-11937-095590600 1302063759_thumb.jpg

post-11937-039819600 1302063850_thumb.jpg

post-11937-089763400 1302063999_thumb.jpg

post-11937-028294700 1302064093_thumb.jpg

post-11937-017950500 1302064215_thumb.jpg

post-11937-063495000 1302064879_thumb.jpg

post-11937-073926200 1302065009_thumb.jpg

post-11937-019756600 1302065059_thumb.jpg

post-11937-043942700 1302065113_thumb.jpg

post-11937-002710800 1302065159_thumb.jpg

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