Tutorial: Wiring Up A Cd Player In An Ae92 Hatchback

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rather than hack the stock car wiring apart, why not goto repco and pay $12 and get a harness that will connect to the stock toyota plug. Then all you need to do is solder your head units harness to the one you bought and because its all universal, solder the colours together, RED on Car Side, Red on Head unit side etc etc. then plug and play. If you decide to sell down the track or remove it to put in your next Toyota then unplug and plug in.


I've done that with all my cars and makes a 2 hour job into a 5 minute job. The hardest part is undoing the screws

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Removing that console component, you'll need to disconnect the plug that operates the air conditioning switch (I can't remember... somebody correct me if need be here)


Rear Wiper and Demister..

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