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Slammed Daily '55

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Urban disturbance is happening mate! I am going to pick up a Weber 32/36 DGV and adapter plate, and a set of extractors this afternoon.


Now, carb options - I will now have three carbs to choose from. Stock Aisin, modified Aisin, or Weber 32/36. I have always held the opinion that a 32/36 would be too big, but it has been jetted to suit a 4K, so i'll just see how it runs. If it isn't any good, I'll just slap on the stockie.

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Yeah even if it's jetted to suit a 4k the throat sizes are still too big IMO.


Drilled out factory carb wouldn't be too bad, I'm getting a 200b carby as they bolt straight on. So i'll have a fiddle with that and see how it goes

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