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This isn't so much a WMMH post as a What Makes Me Laugh post.


My housemate has an E-series (EF I think) Falcon with a good engine but the auto box is shagged. He recently acquired another complete car, engine's dead but the gearbox was rebuilt less than a year ago. A simple matter of swapping the two over.


I neglected to volunteer to help as a) helping tends to very quickly turn into doing all the work, b) his mates have done this before (apparently), c) I have my own $h1t to do & d) I'm an engine-over-drive kinda guy. Despite me having spent the week cleaning up the shed so they have a sheltered place with a concrete floor to work on, they jacked the car up in our dirt driveway with storm clouds looming on the horizon. He & his four mates started on the parts car gearbox removal at about 2pm on Saturday, I got home from my parents at about 7:30pm, the tailshaft was out but the gearbox was still in the car & the buggered one hadn't been touched.....five grown men.....five hours..... I made the observation that this was a bit of a poor effort & was told that things are "in control", a forklift is coming tomorrow..... I made the point that if a forklift is involved in removing a gearbox, things are not in control.....


The next morning, I was working on BT while they slept off the effects of the three bottles of booze consumed the previous evening when at about 9:30am, bugger me if a forklift didn't show up on the back of a tilt tray. Not that this really mattered, by the end of Sunday, both gearboxes were STILL in their respective ORIGINAL positions.


I make no claims to be a mechanic, but JFC, some people should be called spanners, not let near them. I'm getting the feeling that I may just end up doing the job for him, so that he can see how helpful his 'mates' really are & so I can have shed space back.

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Would have been the best use of everyones time that's for sure.


I did also mention (many, many times) prior to parts car acquisition that for the money spent on all this & other repairs, he could buy a Corolla, roadworthy & register it. When someone has the criteria for a car of "cheap to run" & "reliable" & ignores a standard Corolla as an option...I give up.

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