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Ae71 Sedan Csx

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Just bought a new project, ke18 2 door wagon. Sooo....I have for sale my:


AE71 Sedan csx


- T50 5 Speed

- Full 2" exhaust

- AJPS Springs, 8 kilo front, 6 kilo rear

- MA61 Supra wheels, decent tyres

- Tint

- Justjap deep dish s/wheel

- CD

- Reg till late sep


Issues with car:


- Reverse lights do not work

- Did have alarm, remote central and Immobiliser but immobiliser shat itself, rac man came to fix it now the stereo and rh indicator do not work, possibly fuse, havent looked.

- Diff or tail shaft his a very minor clicking in it when driving in very low revs but doesnt affect performance.

- Could do with a service


Also comes with a quadlight grille setup


Chasing 2400 ono with the quadlights


In Hobart









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