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Toyota Display At Muscle Car Masters


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it looks like 16 of us with original Toyota race cars will be racing/displaying our cars at Eastern Ck raceway, Sydney on Sept 3rd/4th. Toyota have kindly organised a "tent" for all of us to be in 1 place.

I'm bringing down my AE82 FX-GT. There will be 3 or 4 of that model. Also, I beleive an original KE 10 racer, plus lots of Toyota race cars up to early 90's

This is a huge race meeting with tens of thousands of vistors

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G,day Terryo. I,ll be at the MCM Sat,Sun . A mate is running the Brabham Ford / Barry Sharp GT Falcon ,I,ll drop in and say g,day See ya anteKE (doug)

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Yeah I ended up going with my Dad, I have a few photo's of the Toyota's (mainly the AE86's). Will put them up when I get a chance.

Good day and perfect weather. A bit disappointed that the Toyota's and that class couldn't really open it up and just did demo laps.



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