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How Tell A 4Age Properly


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Hi all, I'm new to the forum but been a stalker for years. I had a 4agze which i spent several thousand on back in 2006 but sold in 2008 due to buying a unit. Ever since ive been addicted to rollas and am looking to buy one again soon. I know i'll get 'search function' etc but in all the reading and research ive done on redtops, supercharged, silvertop, blacktops, turbos, smallport, bigport, afm, map are all different. I just want to know what to look for when you check a corolla and are after a 4age and it has no obvious black, silver top etc? Are all 16v corollas 4age? My last car I thought was a 100kw 4age but ended up being a 4afe. Any help for this stupid, simple question would be great.

Also if I bought a front cut for say $1000 and bought a rolla, took them both to mechanics to be put together, what price are you looking at? I'm seeing if its better to buy a 4age or simply make one and see which is better in the long run. Thanks heaps guys

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4afe is the dunga 1.6? litre in fwd corollas and afaik has no spots for rwd mounting. They're not overly strong and i wouldn't reccomend the conversion as there isnt too much in the way of aftermarket support.


If you google both engines in images you'll become fairly aware of what each looks like. 4age even says 4age on the timing cover


Also, how do you make a 4age?


And it depends on which corolla you're putting the engine in, fwd or rwd? as if it's rear wheel drive you'll need a t50 etc to use it

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Budget $10,000 to have a mechanic fit a 4AGE into a KE RWD Corolla.


Everyone will say they've done it cheaper, but they never count all the costs concerned like a mechanic does!


Oh- and in theory it is cheaper to buy a KE with a 4AGE in rather than make it yourself, unless you can do a lot of work. Just check all the posts of "Help my new 4AGE KE won't run" and "Help needed with wiring 4AGE into KE"... nearly everyone struggles to get the package working nicely.


So if you put up $5grand to $7grand for a nice 4AGE KE that you can test drive and try first, it is worth it

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