The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.

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Picked up a box of bits for the car.  Finally got some front seatbelt stalks that are still stiff enough to use 1 handed.  I also got a good condition rear deck trim, and a set of switches to control the hatch wiper and washer and defog.  In the box I also found spare front bar blinker lenses, genuine number plate lights, additional seatbelts, glove box, speaker trims and door handle bezels and window winders.  Also a spare hatch seal and rear wiper motor.  One random back seat speaker cover, and a bunch of other seat belt stuff.  I also found a hatch and boot latch in unmolested condition in the box.  Could only have been better if the box contained some ac bits I need or front arch liners!

After this Ill be able to put my rear wiper washer setup in the car, once I work out how the rear washer works.

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Took it for a drive early and late yesterday.  Had a bit of a hard drive up the hills, and noticed oil got to almost 120c.  Seems the OEM cooler is fine for daily driving but not 30 degree plus days where you thrash it up a mountain.  I'm looking into an oil cooler setup now.  I plan to use something thermostatically controlled but Im not sure if its elegant to use an external thermostat or buy one thats built in to the takeoff plate.  My shit is so custom no kit will be perfect so I think I should just buy the right components and make some hoses.

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Yesterday I dumped out the spent oil and I put a new filter on.  Bit of a waste of an oil and filter dumping 3000k old oil.  Just for science sake I decided to clean out the drain pan totally perfect, then I strained the removed oil over a fine paint filter, and examined the contents.  No metal just a few foreign bodies like hairs and fluff and one small lump of sealant from the sump, but nothing alarming.  I unplugged the injectors and primed the oil system first.  I noticed when I removed the oil and put it into a bottle, it was about 3.7 litres, so that's about 200ml more than stock change volume with filter.  Noting this I plan to run it a few mm below full on the dipstick to keep the oil levels ideal.  The motor will sweat a little oil from the sump seal if you dont keep it a little below my custom slightly safe full mark anyhow.

Also did an air filter wash and trimmed down my throttle cable mount so the wire aligned better.

Im still not totally happy with how the throttles close.  Its fine and drive able, but I think I might end up removing my inlet and rebuilding it on a bench to get all the mounting plates and pivots perfectly aligned, and if I need to adjust the port matching so be it.  Id also like to drill some small holes into the adaptor plate to allow some vacuum feeds that dont have to be re plumbed into the idle control when you want to sync the itbs.  Could also be used for NOS.  Just saying....  I'm kinda tempted to put the 70000k motor in and then put a 50 shot on it to see how it goes while I try and push this newer engine to 11:1 compression.

Bought another box of bits for the car from the same dude as before.  Got a spare bunch of interior bits on the way, ac switches, cluster, shifter, ac and radio surrounds, under dash stuff, ashtray, bit of a lucky dip but it does contain some of what I'm missing.





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