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The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.


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Man its great up here, been making a few friends, I love it.  The bank just approved our finance to build starting next month.  Weve bought 1.2 hectares, 12,000 sq Metres, thats about 32 Brisbane house blocks, and were just dropping a big 3.5 bed home right in the middle of it, with a 12 x 18 x 4.8 high shed to follow soon after.

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Quick update.

House is half built.  Roof is on.

Cars been sweet as can be.  No real issues to report, just wear and tear from all the roadwork between here and Brisbane.  Copped some gravel and rocks from trucks coming in and out of the quarry north of Gympie.  Was lucky to not experience much more serious damage.  Front bar took the brunt, and ejected the paint.  Gave it a wash today.  Much overdue. 

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Buying a sawzall tomorrow, in preparation to pull one of these for my recently acquired 74' Celica. Looks like there are plenty of these but all of the 2AR-FE's are quite a bit further away so I'm going to get a AZ and then a 2AR later.

Read a lot of the thread and will read more as well, very impressive a work of art!

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