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Ke70 Temp Gauge


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Hey guys

my temp gauge on my ke70 has stopped working,i got a new sensor but still no go,i then tried earthing the temp gauge wire and the gauge went to hot,so i got another new sensor but same issue again??? can't have got 2 dodgy sensors... could it be something else i should look at???


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took the car up to 140kph and the gauge started to work


lol! that's what it takes to warm it up!


Maybe the thermostat is jammed open, so it doesn't warm up- check the rad gets hot, 75deg is too hot to keep your hand on..


or as Medicine Man says, the sensor has the wrong resistance. I bought a correct Pintara one from the catalogue a few weeks back, it didn't even fit the threaded hole. A Nissan 4WD one fitted but refused to warm up on the gauge, and the third one (a 240SX I think it was) works fine.


Have another try at Supercheap for a different resistance value. Mine is 1175ohms on the 2000ohm scale of my $10 yellow multimeter, and that's at about 15deg in the garage right now.



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