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Ke55 "Near Perfect" Interior + Other Parts


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Hey Everyone!


I have a KE55 4 Door Sedan, 4k Engine with Trimatic Gearbox that I am Partially Parting Out.


I have no use for any of the interior so that is up for sale along with with Trimatic gearbox and other misc bits (ie. trimming ect..)


The Interior - ALMOST Perfect Condition!







If you want anything just post and if available I will post pictures.





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I know the Floor Carpet in this one is Brown, but would you happen to have a Black Floor Carpet?


Josh :cool:

Hi Josh,

Unfortunately not, I only have the brown one.


I will take the dash cluster if everything is working.

Hi awvg,

Everything in the dash is working and in good condition.

How much of the dash cluster do you require?

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Ill take the seats if ur willing to sell them?

Also I'm after a stock cam for a 4K motor if ur sellint that?


All Seats are for sale, PM me with what seats you want and an offer.


I'm keeping the motor so I don't have a Cam for sale at this stage.



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Sorry for late reply I have been away. Am after the gauge cluster and how much for the dash only if it isn't cracked, revision mirror and sun visors ..

Cheers mate


Dash no longer for sale, however revision mirror and sun visors are yours if you want them.


PM Sent,




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Hey Mate,


keen to ship oversea for the steering wheel?


Many Thanks


Send me a PM, we'll see what we can arrange.


Yeah I'd be interested in all the seats as most of mine are damaged, what state are u in? also what condition are the seat under the covers?


I'm Located in Victoria. Seats are in Ok. condition.

a few cracks. I will take some photos and put them up for you to look at.




Satnav when can i come around and take the ignition barrel and keys

as i know now how easy the barrels are to get out






Sorry for the late reply, been rather busy lately.

Send me a PM I should be around this weekend.


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