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To Do A 5K, 7K, 3Sge, 4 Age Or 2Tg Conversion???


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Hi guys,


I am in need of some help to make a decision on what engine to put in my ke25. A 5k, 7k, 3sge, 4age or 2TG. I have looked and read sh!t loads of threads, posts, reviews, comments on each, yet cannot make a decision.


Myself, mate and old man will be able to do most if not all of the work ourselves, obviously looking to keep the cost down, but not much of an issue. I want a daily that will have the chance to embarrase or surprise people :)


I thought it was time to bring it to the rollaclub people and see what you dudes think.



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For grunt I'd use the 2T (old, but OK) or the 4AGE, but the best is the 3SGE straight out of an Altezza with its 6-speed box.


The only troubles would be finding a half-cut & fitting the bell-housing in the tunnel. It would be a lot of work to turn an MR2 motor around, and they are a genertion older.


Cheapest would be 5K or a 4K bored out to 5K pistons.


Price the Altezza motor up against a Mazda MX5. Both RWD configuration & same 6-speed box.

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So I'm leaning towards the 4age or 2T at this stage. I have sent off emails for a few prices. Which generation 4age should i try and get? i have been reading up and they say there are different power rating for each generation and reliablility ratings????????


I have also read on a few ocasions that the 2T is direct bolt in :hmm: but as is the case with most conversions that wont be true...........

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cheers for the reading. Well I like the sound of that.


I have also just ran into the 18R-G class engines while reading about the T class motors. Now i don't know if reading is a good thing or bad :(


Does anyone know of any conversions with the 18R-G or opinions, or any knowledge at all?? i think I am coming up with too many choices now :bash:

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yes yes you are.


18RG's are too old, too heavy and there are much better lighter new engines around.


here are my comments, and judging by your responses in here....i think you had better go with a 5k for starters.


5k - bolt in, few extra CC's, bit more oomph

7k - sort of bolts in, needs modifications to sump & other things i belive. google it.

3sge - completely custom conversion, welding, fuel systems, ecus, cooling systems. not for the feint hearted.

4age - custom engine mounts, drive shaft, wiring, fuel system - would be fun (for 16V), considerably more complex for 20V

2TG - too old, same as 18RG, much better new engines, too much effort for gain.


prettty much all of these conversions have been done in some sort of old RWD corolla. from the ke20 through to the ke70, not a whole lot changed dimension wise, and they all use the same engine. so most if not all conversion problems apply to your ke25.


so when researching...don't just search for "4age into ke25" look at all RWD corollas.


anything except the 5k, you will be required to do something like this:




reckon you can do that?

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Yep I hear you. Shouldnt be a problem making those mounts. Obviously just making sure I set the angle and height of the engine correctly.


I have just read too much stuff with too many pros and cons with each conversion and engine. Each conversion individually i should be able to handle, It's just working out whats going to be more worth while, looking at cost, range of parts available and weighing up the gain of each conversion of each when their done. Thats why I'm talking with you blokes :)


Pretty much just have to make a decision.



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4age has been done many times, i have one in my ke35, great daily but i do find myself wanting more power. considering all the work involved in these type of conversions i say go turbo e.g add a turbo to 4age, ca18det or sr20det...4age are big step from a k engine don't get me wrong ....but if i had money to do it again i would go sr20 turbo or similar...

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abbott, definitely let me know if you do. I will look to take some photos an what not along the way. doing two at the same time should definitely make for easier conversions. yet i still havn't made up my mind.


going forced induction is always a teaser in the back of my head but i would like to stay NA. going to try and follow the celica/corolla rally engine specs a bit. my mate and i are both doing up cars (hes doing a MK11 Escort). and want to go to events together.


once i decide what I'm doing i will start my thread.

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