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Jip'S Gone Camp...Ing

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Yeah they are adjustable. Both in any angle as well as they wind up. Problem is I opted for the biggest one and I can't set it up at a 90 degree angle, but good enough.

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looking good Jip

i can't wait till i can get myself a trailer (do you know of any cheap 6x4 or 7x4 trailers for sale)

Na sorry I don't ay. :(


Oh and I've rigged up my impact driver so I can wind the trailer up and down faster :P:

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Okay so the New Years camping trip is fast approaching and until now this has been my camp kitchen.

Now once I put my cookers out (on the left) there is no space to prep anything...



So I've devised an extension...





And this is how it'll look once pieced together...



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Slight update...


Well i've applied the stain...




And now the clear coats...



Almost ready for next weekend!

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Okay so here is the finished product...


So I ʞ©$ɟed up. I drilled holes, i routed a groove into the trim of the original bench to only realise that I had done it on the wrong side :S

On the bright side at least it can be reversed if needed.


But anyway here is what it looks like now...




And lastly I added a tea towel rack. Ready for the new years camping trip now!! :D


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So this is how it turned out on the camping trip...




And now for the next enhancement!!

So to make doing the dishes a little more comfortable. I've decided to do a double sink...




Making out the new hole. I've noticed there is a little bit of play with the original sink in the hole. So the new hole will be tighter for one special reason...


Attaching the cut out from the new hole to the cut out from the original hole (now the cutting board). Notice the different sizes?...


The two holes now...



How the double sink will look...


And when one sink is not in use, the cutting board can slot over the hole and lock in place...



And lastly did some general repairs. I knew gluing and nailing would undo eventually so now i've screwed the bracing underneath in...


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Thanks mate!! You should come to the next trip man!!

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