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Assorted Corolla Parts Ke20/30 Ae82


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Just been doing a clean out and located a few bits and pieces I don't need.


(Listing best viewed on a PC as the Mobile version resizes the Pictures.)

Everything available unless noted otherwise and secondhand.

(I keep do keep this part up to date)

Parts all in Cranbourne (Please stop asking)



KE20 Tail Lights $60$40pair includes side reflectors.

KE30 Tail Lights $30$20 Pair

KE30 Front Indicators $10 Pair

KE20/25 Glove Box Lid $5


KE30 Steering Wheel $10



KE20 Diff $50 Believe from an Auto.


KE30 13" Wheels, Set of any 4 you choose, $5 each


KE20 12" Wheels Set of 9, $5 each


KE20 Hubcaps $25 $10 Each (Small dings and rust on one)

KE20 Aluminum trims $25$10 Each 1 more damaged than the rest. (Looks different too)

Or $50 for all 4 caps and trims.




This one is now stripped of its parts.


3K Engines, $75 each or 3 for $150. $50 each or 2 for $60

2 Speed Toyoglide included. 3K Engine with Toyoglide Sold (Toyoglide still Available)

(4A in background is not.)

Toyoglide and Auto Radiator(with surround) in the Pic are now for sale Separately,

Sorry but the converter was stuck to the engine when sold.

$20 for the Toyoglide and $10 for the radiator.

Also have a Starter motor from the Auto, $20.

All came from a KE20.

Also have another starter for a manual, from a KE25




KE30 Sun Visiors $5 Pair,Mounts broken but might be better than to ones you have

KE30Glove box lid $10



KE30 Indicator Stalk $50 sold



KE30 Ring Gear and plate $25



KE30 LCA's and Stearing arms $50 sold



KE30 Door Sill trims $5



KE30 Rear Qtr Vent $10



KE20 Single Circuit Master Cylnder $15



KE30 Right side Vent $5



Single Head Light Suround $10



4 onto 1 extractors for a 3K, were fitted to a KE30 but should fit other KExx models. $80 ono (Sold)



KE30 3K Engine mounts $20 ono



KE30 Cross member $40 ono



KE30 3K Distributor $20



KE30 3K Fan $5



KE30 3K Starter Motor from Manual $15



KE30 3k Alternator $10



3K Coil and resistor $5



KE30 3K intake and Carby $20 (Sold)



KE30 3K Airbox with Heat Riser $25



KE20 Early Stearing Wheel $25 Small Crack on base




Early and Late KE20 Dash Clusters missing switch gear, Suitable for parts $15 pair (Sold)


KE20 Headlight sourounds $40 pair (Sold)



KE20 Heater pannel $5 (butchered, but if fitting full faced Radio, not an issue.) (Sold)



KE20 Rear Left side Reflector $15 or Swap for KE25 one.



KE20 Vents $10 Pair (Missing Knobs)



Single Centre Cap $10



AE82 Seca Font Bumper $45



AE82 Seca Headlights $20 Each



AE82 Seca Indicators $10 Each



AE82 Grill $5 (Most Clips Broken)



AE82 SECA Doors, $45 Each, (with Twin Cam Badging)

AE82 SECA Bonnet, $45 now at the tip

AE82 SECA Rear Hatch $45

AE82 SECA Front Gaurds $10 each (Damaged but should be repairable) Now at the tip

All above pannels are faded red Pics to follow this weekend,

AE82 SECA Front Hubs inc brake disks $25 each (Rear Sold)

AE82 Brake Calipers Front $20 each (Rear Sold)

AE82 SECA Rear qtr Windows(Tinted) $10 Each

AE82 Steering Rack $40

AE82 Steering Column $20

AE82 Speedo Cluster with Tachometer $20


Also Most interior trim bits $5 each in Tan Colour Now at the tip



Ae82 Twin CAM steering wheel. $100. (Gone to my younger Sons project)

Picture realy doesnt show how good it is.


Seats also available $10 each Drivers may need a repair on the recliner mechanisam.


More parts to come, AE82 Seca completely stripped Just ask

No Motor or electricals as I have dibs on those. Some parts already gone.


Also located another KE20 late model Stearing wheel $25


and a KE20 Grill $100



Early KE20 Bonnet $150


Close ups of the bad bits.


Just found the front trim


KE20 Windscreen $100




KE30 Rust repair sections with small rust holes $15 each



KE30 Door Pulls $10



KE20 piece that goes between Grill and Bumper $20 each

(Rusted one free to good home Pickup only, otherwise $5)



KE20 Centre Consoles $15 Each (sold)



Willing to post smaller items in Express post packs.

Items up to 5KG that fit in a stand post Pack shipped for $15 flat anywhere in Australia.

Express Shipping extra.

International shipping available.

Pickup from Cranbourne.

PM me with your number and I'll ring you back in the evening.

Or post questions here.

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Members dont see this ad

Answers to both questions




As can be seen, one tail light good,other will need a couple of bulb holders.


Air box to stay with engine as is.

But I do have another for $25 I just found.sold

Shroud, at this stage wanting to leave attached.

The engines with Radiators, The one with the Toyoglide from KE20 the other a KE30.

The one without was from a KE25. From memory that one was bored out 60 thou and had head work done on it. Last started 20 years ago.

I'm sure I'll find more stuff.

Like this AE82 left Front gaurd for $30


And this box of front KE20 brakes. 2 Hubs with discs, backing plates and calipers. $60 the lot.

Hubs on their own $40 the pair. Sold


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Posting the steering wheel, not an issue.

Just need to find the size pack it fits in and I'll work out postage.

But I know it fits in a 5KG express pack for $21


The hubs and brakes are currently pending at the moment as a fellow member is looking at shipping costs.


Pickup is in cranbourne.


Found a set of front KE30 Struts as well.

one with the spring removed (but still with it), no brakes.

$30 $20 Pair

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No worries.

Someone else may need them.


Update on other parts.


I Just went looking and found another yellow air box.

This one has a little surface rust on the top.

$20. sold


Otherwise just about everything is available.

Make me offers on the 3K engines need the space back.

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Are you able to give me the diff ratio. There should be a plate on one of the hat bolts which will tell you. Also, can you give me the measurement from drum to drum, ie the surface the wheel sits on. Many thanks, Darren

Hi Darren


Just went to see and no plate or anything on it to say ratio.

If an auto should be 4.1, manual 4.22.

From memory it came from the same car that had the toyoglide in it.

Width, looks to be 1320mm.



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KE20 standard struts $20, Stock springs avaiable if wanted, no apparent weeping.


KE25 Front Brakes $60 full set, Pads look near new.




+ engine prices dropped.

Hi Dean, put me down for the ke20 struts. Not sure when I can get up there mate but will take em. If you want the money now just send me ya bank details n I will transfer the money. Cheers. Paul.

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