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(Syd) F/s 1994 Toyota Corolla Ae96 Ultima 4Age 20V Bt 6Speed Gone


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Hi guys,


Well I have owned this car for over 1 year now and I have bought a motorbike, so there is no need for this any more. It has been a great car over the past year, only have driven it on Saturday's and Sunday's as I work in the city and no need for a car in the weekdays. Saying that I probably have only done about 10,000k's all up since I have owned it.



Model - 1994 Toyota Corolla AE96 Ultima

Colour - Standard Toyota bluey green

Condition - A couple of scratches and marks as expected, but the body has no rust and is quite clean. Clear coat is pealing off the rear spoiler, but nothing too bad.

KM's - Cluster = 214,xxx, original cluster had 223,xxx which was taken out at the beginning of the year as it has some stickers and crappy blue led lights in it that I didn't like. So a standard SX cluster was put in.

Engine - 4age 20v BT in good condition w/TRD HT leads, blows a tiny bit of smoke (black) at the top of the rev range (engine has about 150,000k's or so as I was told by previous owner)

Transmission - C160 6 speed manual w/TRD flywheel

Exhaust - 2" system, with standard 20v headers. Not too loud, quite reasonable.

Suspension - A bit lower and stiffer than standard but good for everyday driving.

Brakes - Discs all round as standard, with fronts upgraded to AE101/AE111(?) twinpot callipers and 258mm vented and slotted discs.

Wheels - 15" x 7" wheels (front tyres are Bridgestone Potenzas RE002 and 1 year old, rear tyres have plenty of tread but not a known brand)

Interior - Standard with sports steering wheel. A few marks and what not, but generally pretty tidy.

Sound - CD player with AUX cable, 6x9's in rear and 4's in front

Rego - Due 17th September 2012.

Other - Pretty standard and clean. Doesn't stand out and is a reliable car with plenty of poke, will be a great daily for someone. The 20v BT sounds amazing and you really appreciate the quality of Toyota engines. Also has immobiliser and central locking.


During the year I have owned it the following has been done:

  • Serviced at every 3 months - Due to the lack of K's being done, I didn't wait for the 5000k mark to change the oil.
  • All 4 CV boots were replaced - One had a small tear so I had all of them replaced. I was told the CV joints are in good condition by the mechanic.
  • Front Ball joints replaced
  • Gearbox oil replaced when CV boots were done.
  • Spark Plugs replaced - genuine Toyota plugs were put in (Toyota P/N - PK20R11).
  • Front Brake pads and brake and clutch fluid changed back in March.
  • Front tyres were replaced - I put on the Bridgestone's as above. (wheel alignment also done at this time)
  • Indicator/wiper mechanism replaced - worn High Beam switch, so didn't work properly.
  • Dash cluster replaced and upgraded to SX cluster - as per above
  • Seats replaced with the same originals - originals were worn and springs were gone.
  • Plastic trims replaced on A and B pillar due to sun damage.

Only minor things are:

  • Idles a bit higher sometimes (1,500 revs) but settles down after a while. Quite normal for a 20v.
  • Drivers side central locking is a bit sticky, but immobiliser works fine.
  • Clear coat on rear spoiler as mentioned above.

I think that is about it. I have tried to be as honest as possible with the description, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I hardly drive it and generally it is to the shops and back. So no need to have it sitting around collecting dust.







More photos here:

AE96 Ultima RV 4age 20v BT pictures by Megz_w - Photobucket


Location - Sutherland Shire, Sydney

Price - $3,300 obo.

Contact - PM me or wirth_mic at hotmail.com





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  • 4 months later...

Still for sale and price lowered.

EDIT - Just did an oil and filter change. Definitely didn't need it but it was over 3 months since I last did it and thought I may as well.



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