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4Age 16V Cam Discussion..

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Hey guys, I'm running a 4age 16v small port, with 20v Quad throttle Bodies, an adaptronic ecu and brand new valve springs..


I'm just wandering what cam shafts you have put in your 4age, and where a good place to get them online is, without the killer $800 per shaft price.. I'm keen to run an exhaust and Intake shaft, and decided to ask some questions before hand..


I was thinking about running the Tomei Pro 304 Duration with the 11.0mm lift..


Any input is appreciated thanks guys..

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304 cams?

What are you using the car for?

unless you know what you are doing in the way of porting the head and tuning the ECU, these cams are way too BIG.

They'll kill all bottom end power, idle will be very rough, if at all.

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