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Fitting A Sub With My Current System

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hey guys


Ive got a sony deck with a kicker 4 channel amp connected


at the moment I have 2 6x9's and a pair of 6" splits in the front


Each speaker runs off a seperate channel so I have like both lots of RCA slots used up on my deck


If i was to get a sub with built in amp how would i go about connecting it? or what would be the best way to do it?


I'm worried about losing power from the front or back speaker so I am unsure how to dot it



thanks :)

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so i read that as you have 2 sets of 2 rca's (4 total) coming from head unit


run one set of rca's from head unit to your existing 4 channel amp- then add a set of splitters (which makes it into 4 rca's) so you can still run 4 channels.


then run another set of rca's to your new amp that is built into the sub.

you will now also need a power supply, earth, remote wire at this new sub/amp

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