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1975 Ke20 1200 Hi-Deluxe Restoration

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hey dude,nice work and superb.

one and only to do,change your harf ulpostery set with full ulpostery set.after that it(car) willbe a hideluxe edition.


i think your car is originaly toyota corolla ke20 DELUXE model not HI DELUXE.


because HI DELUXE model has company fited vinyle full ulpostery set,fabric with vinyle seat set and 3 arm type steering weel.


STANDERD type has half ulpostery set and trangle type cross arm steering.no radio,no eny emblem wiyhout TOYOTA boot lid emblem and hasn't boot lid nickel stripes.


basically 2 models available in toyota corolla E 20 (second genaration) body.


1)KE20 with K series engines.

2)TE20 with T,12T series engines


DELUXE type has vinyle half ulpostery set,flat cross arm type steering,DELUXE emblems on boot lid and fenders and vinyle seat set.

optional type DELUXE model has seperate type (real name is summer season type)A/C,defroster(rear heter wiper)vinyle fabric two tone seat set and factory fitted TEN brand AM radio.


STANDERD,DELUXE,HI DELUXE models have seperate type gear and hand brake console cover.(looks like single unit,but seperate from dash),thin type crome fender back view mirrors(you already had used it) and fully covered large hub caps(rim cups).


HI DELUXE has AM radio and defroster(rear heter wiper) as standerd than deluxe model basic options.

optional HI DELUXE has all season type A/C(fit in dash boad with heter unit),head rest type seat set and electronic ignition system(only pickup unit in dristibutor type).


SL & GSL both models have fabric seats with head rest,tacho gauge(rpm meter)( our srilankan people called to it 'three meter model',ha ha),electronic type ignition system,viper control with intermited selection and vinyle/fabric two tone full ulpostery set,bowl type fender mirrors and small hub caps with "T." logo.


SL model has HIDELUXE type steering and continious console cover,cassette player without tone controls than HIDELUXE.

optional SL has all season type A/C fog lamp,power assisted bowl type fender mirrors,buffer shock mounts.TE20 model SL has t series 1.4L engine.


GSL model has four arm steering with two horn buttons,continious console cover with center console box,power assisted bowl type fender mirrors,casette player with tone controls and t series 1.4L engine than SL.

optional GSL model has every options given below.

TE20 model GSL has 2t series 1.6L or 12t series 1.8L engine.


GSL model is most optional car and i never seen in srilanka.did you?


summer season type A/C(for STANDERD and DELUXE models) or all season tytpe A/C(HIDELUXE,SL,GSL),rear defroster,sky light(sun roof),toyota genuine fog lamps(koito brand),buffer shock mounts and middle body beedings are extra options.

buyer should requests,what are the options he needs.


take this note for know how to update.


cheers dude!

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rear boot lid crome beedings came with deluxe,hideluxe,sl,gsl models and without standerd model.hey dude,i'm so worried about your tacho meter.it isn't match with your vehicle.try to findout original cluster set.i had saw one in alawwa.car was ruined,but dash was well.hey look the picture,this is my toyota corolla ke20 SL instrument pannel.it is with original tacho meter cluster.this is a my father's old car.he was bought it in 1978 as brand new one.it's cost was 53000 LKR.ha ha.my car's full ulposteries were damaged and i was turned to half ulpostery set before 3 years.


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hi mate,


nice to hear a lot about these classic's various versions. :yes:


i agree with you and as i know there are lot of versions in corolla series.


but my one is not a Deluxe version because, as i know the followings are some


1 Hi-Deluxe got chrome trim on the boot lid chrome trim around tail light surrounds (but below one is a 1400 hideluxe,mine is 1200)



2. Hi-deluxe got chrome trim around door frames while not came with deluxe modals.





sorry for crappy images :nervous:


3. Hi-Deluxe emblems on fenders




below one is the deluxe emblem



4. Hi deluxe emblem on boot lid




5. Rear windshield defroster (As i know it only came with Hideluxe versions and TE27 levin/tureno and upward modals)


6. Wood grain dash and plastic covered ash tray and under dash panel


below one is an interior of a deluxe



7. Hi deluxe got three spoke steering wheel while deluxe only got two spoke


8. Full center console in hideluxe while half sized in deluxe (Hideluxe with toyoglide came with the half size)





below is the half sized one but this image is from a one from that 1400 hideluxe modal and it has a A/T toyoglide



9. Three way long parking function integrated hazard switch only came with hideluxe modals and TE series




and as you said and as i know that three meter dash is only came with Ke25(aka mango) , Te27 and later modals

also the three small meters that are in the heater control panel came with the above modals, and neither with ke20 deluxe and hideluxe s.

here's a pic



and that what i know about them, and hey mate, i found this electronic digital tacho from ebay just for $18 .. thats so cool and i bought it :2thumbs:


i'd like to see you car also. so please start a thread in rides...... anyway thanks for the motivation and mostly for being a classic car lover,


because most of youngsters from late 90s and after that era doesn't have a value of these classic beauties..... ha ha ha


enjoy :hail:

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hi mate,did u see my car's dash without wood grain panel?but my car is a corolla KE20 SL (optional) model.it is embose in tag as KE20S-EKN.how was without wood grain?i think the producer also don't know.my car has 3K-U engine with japanese domestic version type,toyota total clean-catalyst(TTC-C) emission control system,electronic ignition system with external igniter module,full ulpostery set(it was damaged and i bought a half ulpostery set to replace from alawwa),genuine 88 brand power assisted bowl type fender mirrors,company fitted koito brand round fog lamps with ellips type reflectors,wiper control switch with intermited selection(three steps to pull,4 steps with windsheild washer rotating step),shock mounts type buffer,tacho dash,and all season type A/C{not like yours,my cooling unit(ivoperator) is hide in dash.your type is summer season type,because according these items.i have 6 genuine sales boutures,sales catalogue,owner's manual book,body repair manual book,chassis repair manual book,A/C repair manual book,parts catalogue manual book,seat belts and safty items repair manual book,3K-U engine emission control repair manual book and general services/repair manual book}my father was bought these manuals and other items when he bought the car.the owners manual book was only came with car as a free item. my fater bought the car as brandnew one from toyota motor sales(takaoka) co.ltd,japan through ishara motors kandy.we have original toyota co. bill,status check list,shipping bills,costom clearing form and bill,and etc.it maintain by agents since 1986.

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hi mate,


nice to here about your car and it's very interesting to hear.....


looks like you have the rarest ke20 in your hand... i like to see your car very much... please add pics here or start a thread :yes:


but what do you mean by full upholstery?? my one does have the original full head lining. it is still in well and during the restoration we managed to remove and re fit it easily without tearing it..... the painter said that "see the quality of Japanese materiel". After 38 years it's still can be stretched and re aligned.

if it is aftermarket sure it would be teared into pieces when trying to stretch it out.


other than that i cannot see a major difference between half and full upholstery.. only the head lining is the difference.


my one does't have an intermittent selection wiper control switch. only two speed. :nervous:


i need to find the owners manual and workshop manual. i tried but there's no ebooks or anything related.

so if you can make an ebook of your manual, please share it with me. it would be a great help.


please don't forget to share some pics of your car. :yes:

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hi mate,

accoding to 1970.05 sales catalogue,intermittent selection type wipers only came with SL,GSL sedans & SL,GSL coupes.as an option to SLs & standerd to GSLs.my one is an optional SL four door sedan. :thumbsup:

full upholstery means it covers full inner door pannel,like 3rd generation corollas.my original set scrached and damaged by us in our childhood. :bash: i'm tring to re fix it now. 8S

I haven't reset or installed another non original options to my car,without changinig upholsteries. :rolla:

all present options came as original.

do you know,we repainted it two times,without tinkering. 8| ha ha.

it has only some tiny bubbles like ticks on body and no bad corrosions.

it was painted in 1990 by general motor engineers,dehiwala and in 2004 by toyota motor co.ltd wattala.

paint colour code was taken from body colour trim tag. ;)

mettalic paint blended by toyota paint shop with specially ordered mitsuko paints from mitsuko kohji ogura paints(nagoya) japan co.ltd. :D

i have another two toyota corollas.

first one is 3rd generation ke50.my father was bought it in 1980 as a brand new one with his duty-free permit for government services.cost was LKR 60000.

second one is a toyota corolla axio(second generation).

therefore i know about corollas wery well.there are economical,durable,strong and powerfull more than we thought. :dance:

i'll publish some pics soon as possible.

bye. :wave:

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oh thanks mate...... but the cluster is very expensive....


even if i get it, the wiring harness may should be altered


your car looks very clean..... and i love it


check this out and it has most of the corolla brochures you'll definitely love it



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of cause dude,i had seach about your link.i know about this site since jan of 2012.they have only sales catalogues,not brouches.but they havan't every catalogues(pls refer 2nd generation ke20 catalogue).it is not my car.pls pay your attention about its front head light trims.is it your trim also?

by the way,if u found a original cluster for cheep price,pls buy it and ask me for more details about wiring diagrammes for fix it to ur car.i do my best for classic car lovers like you and me also.




this is the tag of my ke50




hay,i had change my point type 3K ignition system with 7K internal type electronic ignition system. :yes: mmmmmm......no miss firings any more.............and i have economical drive than before. :thumbsup:

by the way,my ke20 car has company fitted electronic system.it has an external igniter.only induction type pulse generator(pickup coil)in dristibutor.



this is engine of my corolla ke50.both of A/C compressor and air injection smog pump had removed for servicing.but all other items are available on it.can you see,every hoses and other emission equipments are fit with original taging clips!




my fender emblems.

oops......i had drilled them and fitted with pop rivets..... :blinks: because thieves are in every where!

they are steal our rare emblems......!!!!!!




this is cluster of my ke50.my car is a hideluxe one but,SL cluster with it.hah hah haaaaa..........i change my original HDX cluster with SL one.this is from original SL car of my friend.it is for cheap price!......000000000 rupees.hah hah haaaa... :laff: ...before when i fix it to my car,refered my original wiring diagrammes in body repair manual and change it using another bypass shockets for this item.original wiring is also available!!!.... :cool:




did you see this original designed linings on another car?

i never yet!!!!!




these items for emission controls....... :)




koito branded genuine fog lamps for toyota corolla e50 series,not for e30 series.......elippse type reflectors for wide angle projection.




company fitted genuine toyota corolla power assisted bowl type fender mirrors.........as an option!




my rear emblems......




side view........


i will post my ke20's pics very soon.

bye.... :wave:

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oh my god....... just wow...... what a car you have...... what a beauty....

your fog lights are original factory fitted ones wow first time i have ever seen them with the corolla logo..


that electronic point system is very useful because there is no contact points to tear or wear....

from where did you find that?? i have searched many times to find a suitable one for my one... but still more expensive and all are to be imported....

here is where i searched them



is it possible to find them here in local auto parts shops??? i don't think so....


anyway as you said the biggest challenge is to save the emblems from these f*cking thieves....... i hate drilling holes and riveting the badges onto the body...

because these badges are very soft and likely to crack and damage very quickly....

i removed all my badges and repaired them by covering the holes with multibond steel epoxy/araldite

and now all the badges are held with double sided tape....

thats why i always stay in the car when i park her in the streets and never leave her alone in the town.....


have a look at the previous pages of my restoration. i have made some clones/replicas of my emblems using lead (Pb)

btw my car is not in that catalogs, i think these catalogs are of early modal's


here is the face of mine





btw what is the difference between your 3k-U engine and my 3K engine???? and how about your fuel consumption/economy of your 50 and 20???


my 3K having a valve miss fire..... burnt exhaust valve giving me really bad mileage compared to other 20s , now it do about 13-14 km/l

should remove the head and regrind the valves and maybe it should refresh the valve seats.

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