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Ke55 Corolla 4 Door 4Age Conversion Regoed Newcastle Nsw

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hey guys have my ke55 corolla for sale



bigport 4age conversion done

t50 5 speed


2.1/4" exhaust

autotechnica race seats

vl turbo fuel pump and surge tank

factory ect wired into stock ke55 loom

thermo fan running on temp switch

2 inch aftermarkit temp gauge

bonnet pins

race steering wheel

kenwoord mp3 cd player

6x9" kenwood speakers

fender mirrors

set of 15' mags with good tyres and 2 stockies with good tyres

pod filter

29th sept rego

4age conversion has been engineered and has the engine number on rego papers


located in newcastle nsw


body has few dings in front bolt on pannels and paint is in show room condition

but looks ok for 30 year old car


just been serviced today new oil filter and thermostat

$2500 ono



willing to neg price without stereo seats ect


has spare bonnet front gaurds and front doors




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Members dont see this ad

Am i nuts, or did you not just buy this a week or so ago on here for $1500???

yes this may be true but i have also repaired alot of the dodgy work and proken parts allready for this car to operate correctly



fuel tank was leaking fuel

new silicone fuel lines as old ones where leaking fuel

re worked enginebay wiring loom as it was dangerious and arking battery lead straight on exhaust

fitted thermostat as there was none

general service with fresh oil

fixed heater due to it being disconected

replacing diff due to it being stuffed

fixed exhaust leaks

removed dodgy yellow pannels that didnt fit corectly and replaced with correct colour pannels

replaced stuffed battery

and have generally tidied up the car


+ the cost of transporting the car ect ect



i have not just gone and picked up a car and decided to throw money on top just to make money i purchaced this car to be my daily drive but

have decided i would like and my partner would prefer me to buy another z20 soarer


the price is negotiabel but i have just poured a bit of money straight into this car so I'm not going to give it away id prefer to strip tbh

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how much if you keep the seats and i bring standard ones with me and you keep the stereo and speakers, and you can even keep the rims if you want?

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