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Ke10 Build.. Nothing Fancy, Just A Bit Of Fun.


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I have owned this car twice, this is the second time I have attempted to build it for a 4age..

First owned the car somewhere around 10 years ago..


Paid $700 for what was a decent car, as time went on I purchased an import corona turbo and got sick of the corolla.


After sitting in the weather for a few years I decided to fit a 4age in it...

After fitting the motor, getting extractors and a bunch of work done I got desperate and needed a wagon..

So I sold it for $1000 with brand new custom 4age extractors, modified radiator, recond (unused head), recond twin solex and a brand new redline manifold and a t50..


Sadly I lost an ASS load of cash car was stripped for the driveline and sold on.., many years passed and I somehow ended up with it again..



Looking very sad, every part that could be taken off has been apart from the doors.

I got the car back as a shell with box's of parts.


funny how life works, it is even still under my name


I'm in no hurry to build the car, I have changed my mind a heap of times with what I want to do with it.

But now I have decided again to go 4AGE, seeing I have a crappy ke10 with a running 4age.. so it will just be a bit of a swap and tidy up.


picture from back in the day... green when I purchased it... Matte black when I got bored on the weekend :)



how I got her back.






new motor/shell it come from




eventually when I do some more work i will update this, but I'm not aiming on it being perfect.. or a show car..


Just a neat/fun car... no need to be the fastest on the street.. if i can get around 100hp reliable i will be happy..

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motor is mounted, just need to get pretty much electrical except ECU (loom/map sensor/coil/ignitor) ohh and another throttle body and TPS, as the one n it is not from a 4age.




and here is my daily, photo was taken from a recent street machine cruise.. I definitely had the smallest slowest car :)


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brief update on my ke10s


4age Currently runs but needs body work.


And I have purchased the old turbo kit I owned to fit on a 4k in my granny mobile..


Simple draw through su turbo.. But a little boost will hopefully keep me up with traffic..


Wouldn't mind boosting a standard 1100 k block if anyone has a spare. :)


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May consider selling it if anyone is interested.. will regret it as always..

Was running but i went overseas for 6 months come home and fuel pump has died..


will need a few bits and bobs (as i have taken some gauges out for my other rolla) and wiring (although was working) could do with some TLC and body needs to be done..


Not gonna give it away as it has cost me too much... and id prefer to keep it than sell for nothing again..

genuine offers over $2500 will get me interested. Only considering selling so I have more space in my shed for my other corolla


Will come with heaps of parts and most parts are in good/excellent condition (seats are good - except for where my studded belt scratched the drivers seat) tail lights are good/grill and bumpers re good from memory)


has a spre bonnet and possibly guards/doors/fuel tank.. can't remember everything.


again, don't want to sell.. just need space and trying to prioritize



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