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Ke70 Coilovers?

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How will smaller stub axle , bearings discs and calipers give better performance ?


Mine are aftermarket struts, these in particular are thicker than standard. They have semi-adjustable damping and fully adjustable height/camber, and there's also a wide range of brake upgrades that bolt straight on...


But in the 86's defence, there are a few brake upgrades available for it. FC upgrade, a few big brake kits.


...Such as this -^ which is one option I'm swaying towards.


It's not just about straight line stopping, that's only a small part of it. It's also about steering response, squat and different adjustment settings for specific applications (be it drift, drag, circuit etc.).

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AE86 coilover struts are such a waste of money. Talk about takumi tax!


Here is where I'm going:


XT130 corona struts

Hilux 4-piston calipers

Pugeot big vented rotor

Otomoto weld on coilover sleeve kit (~5kg springs... i don't like rough rides)

Stock strut tops

XT130 steering arms

XT130 lower control arms (optional, will see if i need to fit them)

KYB excel G shocks


Total cost = $1000.


Alternative to the "HPC" brake upgrade (fyi, HPC = hilux/pug/corona) is to go the nissan/ba falcon big brake upgrade..... however these need larger wheels to fit them. I'm going the HPC brakes cos they fit inside the MA61 wheels I'm running.


So cheaper than any AE86 coil over, and INCLUDES a massive brake upgrade.

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