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G'day guys. I'm not 100% sure i want to sell these yet, but i'm looking at my options and i know these would have to go first..


As you've probably seen in my build thread..


T18 Struts with a Otomoto HSD Sleeve kit professionally welded on, 6kg springs


Included would be ae86 p/s steering arms and possibly camber tops for an extra amount.


Standard strut inserts which seem average condition but you'd want kyb's or gas in them anyway.


Come with brakes and all in good condition.


I'd be asking around 550ono, As they've cost me more than especially with labor and time machining the top hats etc


These would fit pretty much any rwd corolla with either a Ke30/55/70 balljoint or a T3 balljoint adapter.


Pics are in my thread but i'll chuck some up soon.

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Alright guys, These are officially for sale. A friend reckons he'll buy them but i don't know when etc and i want them gone soooon.


Will post Interstate. If you're keen just send me a Pm and we can work out a deal or price or something.





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