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The Ladder To Success

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Once upon a time there was a business man by the name of John. John had big dreams that he strived to fulfill. One day John was in a car accident which proved fatal. John looked down at his lifeless body as he as a spirit floated towards the heavens.


As John rose higher the light that surrounded him grew brighter and more intense, before he knew it he was standing on a fluffy white cloud, infront of him was a note, suspended in mid air.


The note read: "John, you've died. You now have one of two choices to make, infront of you is a beautiful woman" a woman appeared infront of John. He continued to read, "you can either spend the rest of eternity with this young lady catering to all your desires or you can climb the ladder to success" John looked up, infront of him was a beautiful blonde woman, staring at him with great big blue eyes, she winks. Next to her is a ladder leadin up further into the heavens.


John being who he was, a lifelong business man, yearning for great things could only see one option, the ladder.


John climbed the ladder, he reached the top and was confronted with a second note.


The note read: "John, you have another choice to make, infront of you are two beautiful young virgins, open and willing to do anything you want for all of eternity or you can continue to climb the ladder to success"


John looked at the two sexy girls, his heart began to race as they caressed each other while looking John straight in the eye. When John was alive all he ever wanted to be was successful and so he left the two bombshells behind and continued up the ladder.


Upon reaching the top of the ladder John came across yet another note.


It read: "John, this is your final temptation test, you can have and do what you will to these FOUR young, hot, supermodels here. For all eternity you can ravage these young women as hard and as long as you want to or, you can climb the final lengths of the ladder"


John felt a strong urge to stay, the four temptresses stared at him longingly, gave him winks and come hither finger motions, John was surely tempted. He took a moment to think. He had come so far already on his quest for success, he had resisted woman already, he knew that if he went on he would not have any regrets.


He climbed.


John reached the top of the final ladder, his heart was racing with excitement. There stood before him was a slightly overweight man, John asked "who are you?"


"I'm sess", he replied as he unzipped his fly.

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