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3K Rebuild


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hi guys, i have a 1977 ke35 with a little 3k (manual) ... I kind just finished the car and i don't really want to change the motor, cause if i do a can't drive it (P-Plate). Iv been driving it around and i want a little more power i guess.


The engine is all stock. I'm not really experienced with toyota engines, what part fits what model, etc.


So could i get some ideas on carbies, extractors, fuel pumps, cranks, exhaust, gear box, diff.

Id like a 5 spd box. I don't want to spend more that 1500. 2000 if i have to.


i don't really know whats the easiest way to get more power in these engines so all help is needed :bash:



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That's not a big budget... How bad is the motor?? Needs bearings? Needs rebore?


If it is OK at the moment then find a Weber downdraught, a set of extractors and get the cam ground.


If it need bearings then get a 4K crank, new oil pump and have the flywheel lightened at the same time. ie- convert it to a 4K.


If it needs a rebore then see if the block is good enough for 5K pistons.


I'll get 5K pistons and a new oil pump next time I pull this one apart-



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I thought fitting a 4K crank required stuffing around? Remember the 4K is a taller block to accommodate the longer stroke, so don't do that if you're on a budget.


Go with the cam, carb, exhaust suggestion if the motor is OK. Also, look to the KE55 for a five speed, otherwise you'll need to enlarge the shifter hold in the floor. Also, a lower diff ratio makes the car peppier to drive but will reduce top speed. You'd really want a 5 speed. If you don't have it already, 4.3 is the ratio you're after. Also keep some money aside for a dyno tune once you've put those bits on. Try and find a 28/36 DCD Weber if you can, the 32/36 is likely to be way too big for a 3K.


If you're frugal you should be able to do box, carb, exhaust and cam for that money, especially if you're doing to do a lot yourself.

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