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6X9 Boxes Ported Or Sealed?

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hey guys I'm currently installing 4 good quality 2way 6x9's behind the bench seat in my single cab rodeo ute


so that means i need boxes for them, finding boxes is no problem, theres heaps on ebay


the problem is theres ported ones and sealed ones


what will be better sounding for the enviroment they will be living in, and why?


thanks heaps guys

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the porting tunes the box to the speaker.


i don't entirely understand it, but its about not limiting the speakers extrusion by not compressing the air inside the box (it the air has somewhere to go).


the port has a massive effect on the sound that is produced, specifically bass, but the port must be specific to the speaker in order for it to work properly, and if the port is wrong you might do more harm than good.


there are plenty of theories around as to what works the best and how you calculate it....but it is specifict to the speaker itself, the enclosure size etc....


here is one from a quick google:



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