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Shannons Supercar Showdown – Week 7

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With only a handful of contestants remaining, we're reaching the back straight of the Shannons Supercar Showdown!




After last weeks reward challenge involving the spoken word, this weeks challenge had to change things up a little. The contestants headed to famous Sandown Raceway where they were to partake in a more motorsport related task this week. But, it's not a typical circuit style layout...




It's a straight line! The remaining few will need to stage at the line and launch a Renault Megane RS250s over the eighth mile. Reaction times and the ability to launch a vehicle are key factors which will determine who comes out on top. Both of these aspects are important, and will come into play when the lucky winner gets to steer around the mountain. Each contestant will partake in a timed run, and the winning two will face-off in a proper good old drag race.




The reward? A time discount in the elimination challenge. This reward huge bonus to the winner, providing an advantage that could potentially keep someone in the running to win.




However the challenge is a big thing - a simulated race. The contestants will head out and around a slightly altered Sandown Raceway. A four lap, standing start race with lights will certainly determine who can keep their cool under pressure and maintain a smooth yet fast driving style. But that's not all, contestants will have to show discipline by pitting at a random interval during the race whilst adhering to pit rules - speed and gear limits.




To top it off, Mr Kelly himself will be sitting in the passenger seat with each contestant during their laps; taking notes and generally observing how they handle a car on a proper race track.


Will experience shine during this challenge? Or will the young guns prove they can steer just as well as people double their age? The only way to find out is to check the episode below!



Also don’t forget to check out the Shannons Supercar Showdown webpage by clicking HERE!

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