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Ke70 Engine And Man Conversion/upgrade?

ke70 prorolla

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ok so I'm after some advice jst got my KE70 82model on the road fully stock wih 3 speed gearbox 1.3 ltr, as yous already know its slow and ive got a AE71 84 model manual thats not road worthy able. but i was thinking of puttin ae71 engine(1.6ltr) and the manual gearbox into my ke70, would this be easy enough with many mods or would parts and stuff woulda i have to change around????

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Literally just finished this the other day, I can tell you bout anything you need to know

3 speed gearbox I'm assuming it's an Auto Parts needed


4ac engine from your ae71 with with all rwd mounts and manual starter motor

T-50 gearbox with its crossmember (an ae71 t50 crossmember fits fine)

Engine Crossmember

Pedal bx

Clutch master

Clutch slave

Hard clutch line

Manual speedo cable

Wiring Loom (theres not actually much there just a bunch of wires coming of the positive battery terminal)

Voltage Regulator to go on passenger side strut tower near coil

Exhaust from AE71, at least front half cos the exhaust is on the other side of the car.

Manual gearshift metal shroud - to secure the rubber boot from moving


What you will need to modify to turn stuff into manual goodness.


1. Cut a bigger gear shift hole (a dremelll works awesome $90 from bunnings or you can get a cheap ozito)

2. Get a bit of alloy and make cover for you shifer hole area cos the auto hole is too long down the car.

3. Drill the hole in the firewall for a clutch master

4. Make a jumper cable for your auto shifter start in park circuit, and put between two black wires.

5. Wire the reverse lights - just move the wire over from your other car.

6. Move the coil over to the other side of the car, drill into right strut tower.

7. Hook your manual speedo cable up (do this while your dash is apart with the pedal box install).

8. Ground your motor in a bunch of different places.

9. Drill the metal shroud around the gear shifter to hold the shifter and rubber boot in place.




Probably easiest to transfer the whole loom over from the manual car, way easier and just plug and play


theres a great guide to cutting the bigger gear shift hole here on the rollaclub, ke70 auto to manual guid I think it's

in the technical section.

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