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The Forza Franchise Is Back!

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Car fans around the world can breathe a sigh of relief – your latest fix of action packed virtual racing is here. Courtesy of Turn10, the latest rendition of the highly prized ‘racing simulator’ has opted to change the style of gameplay to something new. And we’re all for it.




Forza Horizons differs greatly from the previous games. It is not so much an extension of the previous game; more a branch off so to say. Gameplay has changed in a sense that there is an ‘open world’ method of browsing challenges and races. One can cruise the streets of Colorado looking for races that they can compete in to no doubt earn dollars, prizes and cars. Sounds good!




Visually, the game has changed a lot too. The cars look and feel more authentic, and less ‘sterile’. Turn10 and their passionate team have strived and slaved for hours rendering even more realistic models of our favorite vehicles, adding a few more cult classics to the mix that we’ve yet to see in any previous Forza game. All in all, it’s visually stunning. Even the scenery has had attention paid to it.




It’s all about the racing and feel of the game, which we will be discussing in another piece to come. We can say one thing however, the experience of piloting $500,000+ hypercars has not changed. It is still involving, fluid and seamless; which has grown to become the Forza Franchises trademark.




We’re looking forward to playing the game very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for our exclusive on how we feel the game plays. We will be bringing you videos and plenty of snap-shots very soon, and exploring what extras the game has to offer to ‘Forza tragic’s’ like ourselves.


Check out the official trailer below!




Forza Horizons will be released starting from the 23th of October.


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