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What’S New To Forza Horizon

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We all know you eager driving enthusiasts are keen to get your mits on the latest release from the Forza Franchise. But, is there anything that’s marginally different about the latest version?


You bet there is. It isn’t just the gameplay style, but everything from dirt roads to night time driving has been added to the latest incarnation of the award winning series.




So how can the best driving simulator, get any better? Well, the game has changed its format. It isn’t aimed to be an improvement on the last game, more of a branch off. Using a tweaked engine, the guys at Turn10 Studios have figured how to incorporate an open-world style of play into the game.




The player, when not racing of course, has the ability to free-roam. There are countless miles of city streets, busy B roads and even canyon passes. What can you do whilst you’re out on the prowl? Search for races, or just have a bit of sideways fun. It’s entirely up to the player.




Two huge factors we are truly looking forward to testing are the new dirt roads (complete with their own physics engine) and the night time driving experience.




Many of us have been craving that extra dimension to the game, and this time around Turn10 have delivered the goods. Not only is the dirt road physics engine going to change things up, but there are countless miles of winding dirt back roads that one can race along.




Even add a bit of dusk to the picture to get that true mountain run theme. Creating your own little drift / rally circuit by taking specific roads in a circuit will certainly add a lot of fun to the playability aspect of Forza Horizon.




Another cool new feature is the night time experience. We all know that cruising around at night adds a level of feel to driving, even if it is a computer simulation. That moment when you catch headlights in your rearview mirror, or at the opposite end of the scale, the moment you catch taillights on the uphill dash. These small quirks will provide us with a totally new Forza Experience.


So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your copy now! The game is set to be released on the 20th of October.


Check out the official Forza site - Forza Horizon | Australia - Xbox.com


And catch the official launch trailer below!



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