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Simple 4K Into Ke10 Question


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I'm being given a 4k and a bigport 3k.

I'm going to put bigport head and manifolds on the 4k (if in decent condish) seeing i have it.


Basically i need to know what things need to be changed to fit in ke10 to keep the standard gearbox? its a daily so id prefer to know what needs to be done before changing.


Will the standard 4k flywheel/clutch etc work with the standard ke10 4 speed?


Pretty sure thats the only thing that I can think of that may need to be changed.



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I'm pretty sure the old ke10 gearboxes had a smaller spline clutch kit. No biggy though, just put the original 3k flywheel and clutch kit onto the back of the 4k.


Apart from that everything should be fine. You might however just want to swap some of the 3k ancilaries (water pump, thermo housing, alternator etc) to make you're life super easy and they do change slightly.

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