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Wtb Ae92 Shell N Body


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I had an AE92 Holden Nova 1990 sedan with a few Mods on her, was coming together nicely Untill she got writin-off.

Anyway to the point, I'm After anther Body and shell to Xfer my engine and other parts over to the new Corolla

Chassis and Shell - Must be in good condition (Straight, Dint and Rust Free) Would also be nice if the shell did not need a respray.


Offering $100-300 for a good condition Body and shell.

Offering $300-1000 - 1K for compelete Car unregisted..


The AE92 is still going to be my project car. While I ues the commodore for my Daily. So I can work on the Rolla Whenever with no rush.


IF u are interested in selling your Corolla, Reply to this topic for now, My mobile is temporarily out of action LOL..

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