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Simon's Ae112R


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Hi everyone, here are some pics of my AE112r


this is the most recent photo i have.




the day i brought her home. Very neat and tidy.




This is how it looked for a while, i'm in the process of making the cutout grille again.



After a wash at home, probably one of the last photos where the paint was still nice. My clear coat has since decided it no longer like my paint and they're going their separate ways.



will post some more pics soon,

let me know what you think.

i'll also update with a list of the mods i've made.




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clear coat seperation is so common in cars from the 90s.


Looks at most commodores, toyotas and falcons with COB paintwork. They all have issues.


The problem is actually from the way the cars were painted, the base was left too long before the clear was applied, means that the poly elements of the two paints don't mix and stick like they should.



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Simon's '99 Corolla Conquest AE112R.


Bought as standard as they come.


Here's a list of what i've done so far....

2" Sports exhaust w/ Extracters Hi-flow Cat & Single Sports muffler at the back w/ 45* angled tip.

Exedy Heavy-duty clutch

K&N Hi-flow filter element

Hi-clone (yes, it has made a slight difference)

Top Gun ignition leads

NGK Iriduim spark plugs

Sound System (Pioneer Headunit & Fusion Speakers)

17" Speedy Lite-7 Rims, now are Speedy Lite-5 Rims (due the gold fading, Speedy replaced them with a new set)

Sportivo Turbo Front-lip Spoiler

Clear side-indicators

Toyota Slimline weathershields

Aftermarket Headlight bulbs (not sure exactly what they are, but there brighter and bluer)

5% Tint strip on front window

35% Tint on the rest of the windows

Replaced all instrument panel & display lights w/ LED green bulbs

2x Green LED bars in the drivers & Passengers footwells

1x Green LED bar mounted under bonnnet near front windscreen, hooked to a bonnet release.

Color coded interior panels (dash & gauge panel surrounds, center console and door armrests)

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thanks for the comments guys. I'm thinking of not worrying about the spoiler risers now, as having the top spoiler makes the bottom one look better, the risers look better by themselves.


jaaay, no good with the part number, had a look through my owners manual and couldn't find the receipt anywhere.

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