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7K Fuel Pump Spacer ??????


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hey everyone... have had an oil leak where the fuel pump connects to the block. I went to change it and realised there was a spacer that was cracked and i cannot put the fuel pump on without it.

I have called repco and they have no listing. I'm stuck for options.

I'm not at home, I'm down the coast. I kinda need to fix the eproblem.

So far i have used araldite on the spacer back together and am going to try to put it back with the gasket maker silicone... just to get me home about an hour away.


I need to know if i can buy this part, if anyone has one for sale Or what i can do to fix it.


its about 6 mm thick


The engine is a 7K-E converted to a weber 40 side draft.




here are some photos







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