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Largest Capcity Engine For Ke25 Corolla In Qld


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G'day guys,


Can someone please check over my knowledge and sums for the largest capacity engine that can be fitted to a KE25 Corolla.


As I understand the following -


Original Tare weight of KE25 Corolla - 760kg

Vehicles up to 800kg - 3 x 760kg = 2280cc capacity for n/a engine

Vehicles up to 800kg - 2.5 x 760kg = 1900cc capacity for turbo or supercharged


Is VSB14 v2 the latest released version for NCOP and are these relevant for QLD?


Has anyone fitted engines equivalent to the above and successfully gone through engineering?

If so, are the only upgrade requirements essentially brakes and suspension?


Thanks for the help.

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ke25 is listed at 730 kg from memory, probably not relevent though as you still get a 1.8 turbo or 2.0na.


Yes your calcs are correct, and ncop will be in qld on 29th of april, we are now in a 6 month transition period.

this category did not change between new and old rules anyway.


Add retractable seatbelts, diff upgrade to your list depending on engineer.

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I'm also very confused, do they judge a rotary by the maximum capacity or the sweep capacity?

no doubt they can't say I aint allowed to put a 12a in my ke20.


Sweep voume multiplied by 2


You would barely get away with a 12a n/a engine. It would be touche an go so check with an engineer.


2.13.1 Vehicle Mass

The mass of the vehicle referred to in Tables LA1, LA2 and LA3 is the original (unmodified) tare

mass of the model vehicle fitted with the largest engine available for the model in Australia but

without optional accessories (air conditioning, tow bars etc.). The mass of the vehicle, whether it

is a sedan, station wagon, utility, etc., should be based on the heaviest sedan version of the model

(not station wagon version) sold in Australia.

If the laden mass of the vehicle either on the front or rear wheels is more than 10% above that for

the heaviest model version of the vehicle, then justification that the vehicle is capable of

satisfactory operation at these loads is required. This must include analysis of axles, suspension,

steering, braking, tyre capacity and speed rating.

If the mass on the original front and rear axle is not known, the mass increase on each axle may

be estimated as follows:

Subtract the original total mass of the vehicle from the new total mass (after


Distribute the difference according to the locations of the components contributing to any

mass increase (i.e. engine, transmission, etc.); and

Subtract the distributed amounts from the front and rear mass of the modified

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it is in effect, like i said transition period, this allows cars under the old rules to get approved even though the new rules apply.


sorry i was a day out 30th april.



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I have been following this rule change aswell.

As an idea i've been storing and collecting parts for my Ke20.


A early pre-pollution 2T block with 3T internals & t50 box.

Diff will be a shortend Ra23 celica item.

Ke70 front brakes Ra23 drums on rear and a KA laser master cylinder.

As a basic start this would be an easy low hassle set up.

Also any induction set up would be easy enough and legal.


Cheers Ian

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G'day Ian.


So I now have the T series crossmember and engine mounts. No engines or part as yet because I am still trying to decide which avenue to go down.


Very expensive to build your own engine, however you can get some great ones for relatively cheap out of the USA.


Good luck with your build and let me know how it progresses.

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Yeah progess will be a bit slow due to family, work and such but as i have

a shed full of left over Celica rally car parts it should not be to bad ;) .

As for a buget ..???? well when we rallied a grand a pot was the norm

and i'm the labour. So i'm trying to keep it the same excluding an ECU if i

go that way.


Cheers Ian.

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So i can't go a 12a?? this is fuked... :osama: My Ke20 is set up for a T series...but I'm very vague on what a T series is haha! looks like ill have to change my mind...fml.


Dude, if your car is set up for a T series, go for it!! There are a couple for sale on gumtree in Perth dammit and I'm in Brisbane. They are cheap as chips, recenlty

rebuilt and will make a massive difference over the 3k. Jump on gumtree and grab one!! Forget the 12a.

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My ke25 has no engine atm, used to have 5k.



So i can't go a 12a?? this is fuked... :osama: My Ke20 is set up for a T series...but I'm very vague on what a T series is haha! looks like ill have to change my mind...fml.


ke20 is heavier, over 800kg, so yes 12a rotor if thats what floats your boat.

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