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5 Speed Gear Box Leaking!


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post-18012-0-47773200-1369872582.jpghey, ive got a 4K with a 5 speed, and there is a small leak from where the trans bolts to the engine. not sure what it could be. could someone please help me. is there some sort of seal that could need replacing? thank you :) Edited by My38
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yeah gotta take the gearbox out, flywheel and clutch off.


The rear main seal sits around the crankshaft and seals against crank case.


i dunno what engine this is, but the 4k will look pretty simliar




The thing in the middle with all the bolt holes is the crank shaft (bolt holes are flywheel bolt holes). and the rubber thing around the edge is the seal you replace.


howeever, be VERY carecful you do not scratch the crankshaft surface, or the block surface, or you will never get it to seal.




if you don't have an engine manual, get one! they are really good for stuff like this.

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