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Hey everyone this thread is gonna be about this ke26 getting finished off!





I'm pretty excited about this car i got 2 months ago, few people have prob seen this car on rollaclub before, now its mine :D, should be a good cruiser once its all together.


I have a few plans... not much tho lol, i was thinking a 5k with a 5 speed.


I would love any ideas or input form everyone, to help me out :D





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ive be doing a little work on some dash parts last week.







put some mesh in for some flare.





ran out of mesh for the larger vents tho :(

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:D yeah great to meet you too! Big thanks again!


I bought the wheels RA28GT had for sale & picked them up yesterday afternoon, put them on last night to see how they look.






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I remember this from QLD...Haydo's old rig

Looks great in the new colour


Any questions mate feel free to ask as ive had a few of these.....i nearly bought this one years ago when it was Bamboo

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Small update on the car, tail lights are on, all the rubbers are on the doors, glass in doors too & most of the dash is in too. ( sry for shit dash pics D: )






Tail Lights








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So ive picked up a few new things since i last post anything. I got Ke10 front seats & twin 40 dcoe webers.





Didn't really have any issues fitting the seats, just a few new holes and they fit great!






I had to add some washers as spaces to get the ke26 rails to fit the seats.




Right where the seat rail adjustment is, and the folding part of the seat, those to parts where touching enough to stop the rail from sitting flat on the bottom of the seat.




Heres the webbers.








haha... finally got the rubber for the rear window too... RollaClub!!!



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this thing looks amazing, i have about 4 ke20 2 door sedans and as much as i love them i would love a wagon, they are so elegant and awesome and don't even get me started on the panelvans.


I look forward to seeing this thing build itself up, the plans sound great and it looks like a great base to work from too

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Ive been spending some time on the engine lately, did the gaskets few months ago, also been having a few problems with head gasket, the original one blew a few months back, thats when i decided i should just do all the other gaskets at the same time, but i bought a cheap head gasket.......... that was a bad idea........ it didn't last long........


So i went to the local head place and they fixed me up with a good quality head gasket, they also gave me a few good tips for when i put it all back together :D


I also decided to give it a bit of clean & a coat of paint while it was out


Donor engine from my Ke70, 5K








Quick clean.





I also decided to paint all the engine parts matte black for some reason.






The 5k runs really well now too, can't wait till its in the wagon!

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