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Ra65 St Coupe

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I admire your patience, which you need with body resto work. Not something you can rush.  Great work !

The rain & moisture in the air here in Brisbane, of late; does not lend itself to achieving good paint finishes.

I have a very soft spot for the Celica.  I had never owned or driven one even; until I met my wife.  She had an RA40 lift back, with that enormous rear "expanse of glass".  I think it was a 21st birthday present from her Mum.

Looked like this, & I think it was a 1979 model.


We did a few interstate trips in it, together; & I fell in love with it.  It was a great cruising car, & extremely reliable.  It had lovely long legs !  I think the only thing that failed in it, in all those years was an electrical oil pressure sensor/switch, somewhere slightly north of Mildura, on a trip to Adelaide.

We put so many klms on it, but were in rented accommodation, at the time, so couldn't really work on it too much.  Only thing I recall, that was wrong with it, when we eventually sold it, was the timing chain tensioner, which was oil pressure operated.  The chain used to slap a bit, & was very noisy when you first started it up. 

Cheers Banjo 

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