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Colour Choice On My Ke70 , White Or Black


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Dumb ʇ~~ɔs


C'mon mate what did you expect? its like asking what type of chocolate is better white or dark?


Its all opinions.


Picking a colour for your car is a big decision, but just remember if you decided to paint it a different colour than what came from factory, unless you paint the engine bay the interiour and inside the doors it is going to look VERY tacky.


thats why when i painted my car i went with the OEM colour, just a tad darker blue, but it matched the engine bay and interiour.


id recomend against black unless you do a perfect job on the paint, any imperfections in the paint show up very badly in dark coloued paint. simliarly, when dirty, black cars look way dirtier than white cars.


Black vs white, its your car therefore its your choice.




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