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Ke30 4Agze Budget Track Car

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Introducing my latest Corolla

This thing popped up on Gumtree one day so I had to go and look. Rest is history.

Specs are as follows:

KE30 Sedan

4AGZE from an AE92


Welded Borgy Diff

Cressida Front Struts and Brakes

Stripped Interior, with some switchgear, push button start and gauges

Ebay special fixed back seat

Velo Harness

15 x 6 Poobird wheels with Achilles 123 semis

Couple of pics from before track day







Had my first track day at Mallala Friday 16th August. A week before I decided to dust off the cobwebs, check over the car, pump up the tyres and fill with fresh fuel. Car won’t start. Try all sorts of things, find faulty earth, fix that and car runs. Next day go out there – car won’t start. Call Mobile Auto Elec – car starts. Still not running well but not waiting another 3 months for the next Friday prac day.

This is how my day went

- Car gets towed to Mallala

- Car won't start - miss first session

- Car starts during first session, but runs like crap. Still have ignition issue

- Car runs ok, take it out for second session, get one lap and its misfiring like crazy

- Stuff around with ignitor again, take it out down side road and thrash the living daylights out of it, no misfiring so we are back on.

- Had another four sessions out on track having loads of fun :)


Car still has a misfire issue, took the ignitor apart at home and it was full of metal shavings, I guess from when they drilled for the bracket to ground it. I think this was the reason for sale. Regardless I now have a new ignitor and it runs perfectly. Shame it had to sour my first day out a bit.


Plans are:


Fit wider wheels to get some more grip - have purchased Superlites in 15 x 8

Fix up niggling little issues with the car

Prepare for next track day

Have lots of fun without spending much - yeah right

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Pretty easy fix in the end. pretty sure ive seen this through a few hands on here. Looks like fun, I hope mine is.

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Looks like a great little track car, what did you think of the Achilles semi's?

I know you can get them quite cheap but is the grip any good?

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It rained in all four sessions that I ran the car in.

They appear to have quite good grip and I found I had loads of front grip, but with the locker and the wet I had zero rear traction out of corners.


Next track day will be dry (hopefully) and with some more confidence in what the car can do I plan to push these tyres pretty hard.


You certainly know you're alive when you're going down the back straight at approximately 160 and you can't see out the rear view mirror because of all the water ;)

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You won't see it on the street. It is road registerable but I want to hold that ability for when I sell it - adds more value ;)


Also, in car security isn't high with a couple of switches and a push button start. No key required :)

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Hahaha I meant out at Malalla or something. Probly not a great idea to leave her on the street with a push button start ;)

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So, went out again last Friday with this car. Funny what a little preparation can do.


This is how it went.


- Towed car out there

- Car ran perfectly

- Got down to 1:35.2 from a starting point of 1:45 at the start of the day. Found I could push the car harder as the day went on and I got some confidence in the old girl

- Gets a little hot under the collar with the day being about 33 degrees. Better placement of the intercooler away from the radiator would fix this issue

- Brakes get a little soft being a hotter day and pushing the car harder

- Clutch starting to slip in 3rd when going real hard out of corners

- All in all a fantastic day.


Will upload some pics and vids shortly once they convert to a useable format. Have plenty of in car vids.


Going to fit new clutch over the christmas break and some wider wheels before going out again next year. I wanted to wear out these tyres on these wheels but they aren't wearing down much at all :) Good value I reckon.


Oh, and grow some coconuts down there so I can go faster ;)

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Over the Xmas break I fitted a new clutch and some superlites in 15 X 7 and 8.

Also recently attended a two day track challenge through the Mr2 forum at Wakefield Park. Was an epic few days towing my Corolla 2400 kms round trip and two days of full on track action.



Finally some action shots post-7149-0-16013200-1389249532_thumb.jpeg









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