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3Tc Arp Flywheel Bolts 203-2802 ?


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Are 4AGE flywheel bolts the same as a 3TC?


I'm looking for ARP flywheel bolts for a 3TC. When I search on ebay, bolts are advertised with the part number 203-2802. When I look on the ARP website catalog the part number refers to 4AGE.




I've compared 3k and 3T bolts. They are both M10 with the same thread. Just the 3T bolts are slightly longer (~0.7mm) and has a more beefy head on it.




If 4AGE flywheel bolts could fit a K engine, then they should fit a T.

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There is a reasoning behind this, std flywheels use the one type and aftermarket flywheels use the other.

This is due to aftermarket flywheel mounting flanges being thinner than the std flywheel and bottoming out,

that's what I remember anyway last I looked...

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