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Rough Idle 4K-C (Ke36)


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hey all just got myself a ke36 wagon. was going to be a part car for my ke55 coupe but it's too good to part so fixing it instead.

anyway to the issue. idles rough without choke pulled the charge light stays on and when I put my foot on the accelerator (heavier than feathering or choke) it'll cut out. I've checked the dizzy had a little bit of shit on the points once cleaned the car starts a lot easier. but the idle is no good.


would running rich cause this (smells like it)?


here they are.


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Did you hose fuel through the carb drillings when you had the jets out?? I use a syringe to do it, most people blow compressed air through. Shit will build up behind the jets and narrow the arteries, just like cholesterol!


The flat spot sound like its still lean under acceleration, so make sure the accelerator pump is squirting a jet of petrol down the carb throat when you open the throttle quickly. It could be dirt under the non-return ball or a rotten diaphram.

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I've put a carby kit through it this helped heaps. followed but replacing ALL the vac lines and fuel lines. now all thats left is the fuel pump coming tomorrow the diaphram was cracked and the pumps leaking from from underneath. so heres hoping when it goes in she'll run alright then i can focus on the rest of the car.


its been a longer job than normal because I've just moved




(don't GET CARBY CLEANER IN YOU EYE IT BURNS. and red eyes for 2 days)

(note: if someone else needs replace the vacuum hoses buy about 3 meters, I brought 1.5m turns out not enough if your doing the whole lot)

total cost of parts vac hose, fuel hose, carb kit, (NEW)fuel pump and carb cleaner just over $100

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total cost of parts vac hose, fuel hose, carb kit, (NEW)fuel pump and carb cleaner just over $100


And that is why playing with old cars is so good.


If there is any evidence of deteriation on the points, i reckon best to replace them given they are only ~$15 or so. Points that look reasonable have given me unreasonable dramas before.

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