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Sr20 Ke70 Revving Problems!


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Hey all, I've recently rebuilt and installed an sr20det red top into a ke70..


It has disco potato turbo,

875cc injectors

Bosch 044 fuel pump

3" cooler piping

Haltech sprint 500 ecu


Went to take it for a drive the other day, it started, ran & idled fine.. Would rev to 3G fine.. But as soon as you would hit or go over 3, it just shuts down! It feels as if it has no spark, but still pumping fuel.. If I keep my foot on the throttle, then take it off before it completely stalls.. It will back fire, cough & splutter then return to idle.. And if I just take my foot straight off, it returns to idle as if there were no problem?


I've replaced rubber fuel hose as it had a very small split.. No difference,

My iacv WAS NOT hooked up, or connected to water, so I completely removed it and used a blanking plate.. Idles better but still hasn't fixed my problem

I do have spare coils, should I try changing them over?


Also at 1000rpm ( idle ) I am only getting around "14" on the vacc gauge? Do I have a leak or can the 3" piping have something to do with that?





Bosch 044

875cc injectors

3" piping


NO C02 sensor



Computer was tuned for this setup when came out of donor car

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