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Ke55-S Xx Coupe

Mechanical Sympathy

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I procured some 40mm DCOE Webers and over the weekend started setting them up on the factory 2TG manifold.


First task was to fit some extended studs, as the factory ones are too short with the addition of the soft mounts. Masters sell M8x50x1.25 studs for $3.50 each.




The 2TG manifold has the carbs quite close together so I had to grind back a tab on the linkage that actuates the second carburettor. I am using an LP1000 carb mounted linkage kit.




However an unanticipated consequence of the close carburettor spacing is that the ball of the linkage shaft fouls on this unused tab halfway through the down stroke, on the side of the front carb. I'll need to file it back.. but it's new!!! I'm not sure I want to!!!


By this point I'd had my three beers so decided not to do any filing and look at it again later in the week with a clear head.



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Thanks mate! I had the technology just not the nerve (it was well after beer o'clock).


I am quite certain a tungsten tip will slice through it like butter, and with my hands very likely to write a couple of big "S" or "J" letters across the top when it bites.


Was feeling a bit miffed I have to carve into the shiny goodness so soon, but that tab really is as useless as a nipple on a singlet to me.


Consider that warranty voided haha.

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Still plugging away and getting quite close now I hope.


I've reconditioned the brakes, front and rear, all hoses and hydraulics.


Converting to a KE30 master meant finding a KE30 proportioning valve and plumbing some hard lines (surprisingly satisfying) to suit, and to be clear of the carbs - which I had put off for aaaages. Once I have pedal pressure I'll finish installing carbs.


Of course I really hate that the photo uploader rotates my photos.








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Thanks gents. P-clip sounds like a great idea.


Speaking of P-clips I think I'm going to have to undo a few and drop out the rear hard line. Need to shorten and bend the end to route from the KE30 proportioning valve


I had a crack at doing it in situ but there's too much engine in the way for my tool.


My high school motor mechanics teacher would've done it by hand but I'd kink it for sure.

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Pretty much lubed, plumbed and primed now.


I've left wiring up the fuel pump, igniter and thermo fan until last.


Mainly it was the igniter I was putting off thinking about, but now I've googled and hopefully sorted.


I'll mount a Bosch BIM024 igniter on a decent heat sink and bust out the soldering iron.


Then maybe I'll stick a key in it this March.


An airbox/filter/s and a PCV system would be needed but can wait until after a few shed revs first!



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After all this time and anticipation, I can't believe it's actually a goer.


Once I had everything hooked up and turned it over it became obvious that the battery earth lead needed a clean up where it attached to the body.


Then it cranked swiftly and fired then died. I plumbed a couple of vacuum hoses and now it starts immediately when I wave a key at it and settles down to a lopey idle. Those Webers work straight out of the box!


I'll tie up a few loose ends and coolant leaks, final bleed the brakes then out for a lap - I mean rego. Rego first.

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