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My Ke25 4Agte Irs Project

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I've had the engine for the ke25 almost as long as I've had the car - being a bit of a scrounger, I managed to dig up all the bits I needed for my 4agte conversion from bits that were lying around at my old work, at home or just from classified ads on forums. Generally not the smartest way to put together an engine, but as I have lead myself to believe I know what I'm doing, I manage it all pretty cheaply. Block is ae111, crank ae93, head ae93, pistons & rods ae101, efi system is ae101. There, simple. done.


Um no - being me (no one else would want to be me) I could not leave anything stock standard could I?


I got all the basic engine machining done a few years ago (by calculation about 7 years ago!!!) then it pretty much all stood on an engine stand whilst home extensions were carried out, kids came along, then got packed up when we moved to the new place....(house was perfect, just had no land for 3 kids to play in - totally my fault the move - came home from work one day & told the

wife I had a conversation with one of the managers at the main factory & he used to live in the same suburb we lived in & 12 months ago had moved down the peninsula & said it was the best thing he had ever done for the lifestyle. We then realized that our oldest started school the next year & if we were ever going to move now was the time. My wife is like a bull at a gate when she gets something in her head, so that was that, we were moving)


A few months ago I got a job from one of the directors here at work to build him a hot 4age for a project car of his, so my motor conversion got dug up out of the storage container, (mostly because I needed the engine stand it was attached too!)


Once the hot 4age had been built (cams, trd head gasket, arp bolts, light weight flywheel, dellorto carbs etc) I had a little bit of time so I thought I'd have a look at the block & head (I had to do some porting on that hot 4age, so I had all the equipment out)




(useless bit of trivia - I've built quite a few 4age's (mostly for other people) & I found that there were 2 casting plants for 4age blocks (2 different sequences of engine numbers) I have no idea if one casting plant made a better block than the other)


4age blocks are generally pretty good, I've only ever once found a partially obstructed oil drain in a 4age block - my block also had an obstruction. Quickly cleared with a old screwdriver & hammer. I decided I'd race prep the block (because I can) & the plan was that eventually the ke20 & ke25 (we have one of each I'm building up) would end up doing some club sprints etc (hopefully before the girls are old enough to drive) So inside of block was all ground to remove casting dags & marks, oil paths all smoothed over. Plan is to glyptol the inside of the block once I find the time to wash down the block & paint it (as block & head have been finished for some months now)




Since the plan is to track the car I thought I might as well fit an oil restrictor to the head as well. Pretty easy mod to carry out whilst the motor is apart. I'm using a 8mm brass grub screw here, carefully modified in the lathe to have a countersink on the underside to minimize oil drag





The head supposedly came from an aus built ae93 sx corolla (we've had a few of them over the years) came from toymods & was close to my work, complete & cheap! (great combination) However this head is the first 4age head I've ever seen with an obstructed oil gallery - most unusual. Anyway, quickly fixed with the hammer & screwdriver method!


I decided to clean up all the casting dags off the inside of the head as they always annoy me catching crap in the head & tearing your gloves when you are shimming the head, or trying to capture that escaped collet!!. A few minutes work with a die-grinder resulted in a very nicely internally finished head.


Then I started on the ports - I made the ports the same size as the gaskets (forced induction motor - don't need to go silly, just a quick cleanup is all that's required) removed all casting marks & smoothed it all internally to the back of the valves.






TRD bible has a tiny section on combustion chamber prepping so I'll follow their recommendations there.



Hopefully somewhere in the next few years I'll get around to actually assembling the motor......


Over the past couple of days I've managed to empty out both the ke20 & 25 (had them packed with all their parts in storage) Found most items - still a few things missing - probably in the wrong boxes. The racking in the shed is pretty much full. I'll have to do a final pass shortly where I go right through the boxes and sort everything by car, & then group everything on the racks - that will make it much easier to find everything.



I'm working on the tr7 body & suspension right now - as that car actually requires the least amount of work to complete out of all the car projects (ie is the least modified)



Awaiting reply from the engineer as to his recommendations for the upper arm mod I'd like to do on the diff (parallel upper arms & watts link) & also on how I planned to mount up the narrowed s13 subframe into the back of the ke25


& finally - most of you are prob too young to know who this is:


You might notice that he has a Toyota logo on his ear - yup, it's a Toyota dog.

Toyota's advertising in the '90's was much more "fun" - the "sx corolla" adds showed the hatch back drag racing a xb gt351, the series of hilux adds were a hoot (still do those adds in NZ by the way) but some fuddy-duddy complained about one of the "umbilical brothers" adds - the "bar nun" one (one of the umbilical brothers dressed as a nun being hit over the head with a bar), so that killed off that type of adds from Toyota totally.

The dog is "bugger dog" - from one of the hilux adds, showing typical aussie humor where everything was breaking (bar the hilux), hence the "bugger" tag. Toyota actually produced a number of soft toys at the time of their adds - there was:

bugger dog


road runner




bugger dog, camel & road runner all belong to my wife - she's had them for years (actually got brighton Toyota to order them in for her)

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Members dont see this ad

I actually though the dog was Caine when I seen it on the last page but remembered it was a blue heeled, I do remember the bigger and the old ae93 sx Bathurst ad.

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here's the sx add:


& the bugger add:


never seen the "grunter" add again - 99% sure it was for the 100kw "SX"

"more grunt"

(grunter was a pig by the way)

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i am still alive, however no progress has been made on the ke25. Too many other things getting in the way with life - family - kids, house renos etc. The fleet has grown bigger as I've now inherited my dads mgb (one owner car) & recently bought back my wifes old corolla sx (the car we met over)

used to look like this:


now looks like this:


sad what 10 years of neglect can do. 

can't get the zender body kit any more so i'm modifying a ms design front spoiler to fit - another long term project....



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Ok - didn't want to do this but no real choice now.


Due to relationship breakdown both my car projects are to be sold off.


Ke25 project 

tr7 v8 Convertible project

not sure what will happen to the mini awd 4efte setup or the ke20 at this stage.

prefer to sell each project complete, but may separate the tr7 setup due to the type of car & parts it has (vvti 1uz etc)  - is on a rotisserie too.


Will list up whats included in each project shortly. 

(ke25 has all the rare bits - long console, tacho dash, center gauges, new dash top, update grill & indicators, simmons rims, recaro seats etc)

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wow how about that. nearly a year since my last post. well I m still alive and married and still have the project cars.

soon to have a "proper" sized shed to put everything in so I can actually do something with these things too...…..

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